Former prime minister Raila Odinga who has sued the leader of majority Aden Duale.


Imediate Prime Minister Raila Odinga has sued Majority leader Aden Duale for defamation.
In suit papers filed at Milimani high court, Raila accuse Duale of linking him with collapse of Mumia Sugar Company.
He says that on 15 August 2015 Duale while in function at Burborwet secondary school in Belgut constituency in Kericho County he allegedly defamed the ODM Leader, by saying that the collapse of Mumia sugar company did start with Uhuru\s tenure.
” The collapse of Mumia sugar company did not start during Uhuru’s tenure, It began during that of former President Mwai Kibaki and former Prime minister Odinga, Raila famaily owes Mumia sugar company sh 40 million and we call western legislators to go to the former PM’s office and pick the cheque” Duale is said to have uttered.
Raila further says that on 18 August 2015 at a press conference at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi city County Duale accused the former PM has the lord of poverty to the Western people.
” We also want our friend Raila Odinga, the lord of poverty, to go to western Kenya, we want the people of Western Kenya to come in large numbers, but at the end of the day, he has two choices, he either gives the cheque to those people so that they can take their children to school, on behalf of his family and his companies, which is allowed in law, in civil litigation law, he and his a per-payment schedule that the people of Western Kenya and sugarcane farmers” Duale is alleged yo have said
The former PM through his lawyer Paul Mwangi, says that the said utterance were broadcast, televised nationally and the leading television stations in Kenya and within East Africa and published to the world at large through the internet.
He said words meant that he owed Mumia Sugar company Sh 40 million and that he had unlawfully refused to settle.
Raila says that after issuing demand letter to Duale, he exhibited malice by saying that,Me and my lawyers are ready to take my friend Raila for long legal battle, but should have used that money to pay his debts to farmers” he said in response to the demand letter.
At the hearing of the suit Raila will be asking the court to award him damages for defamation of character and further seek an injunction restraining Duale from making similar allegations.