Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) lawyer Elisha Ongoya, with the association treasurer who is the senior Children court magistrate Derrick Kuto and vice chairman Rashid Omar outside a courtroom at Milimani law courts after high court directed it will deliver a ruling on Monday as to whether to review its decision of the association annual general meeting scheduled for tomorrow on Friday October 30,2015.
Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) annual general meeting scheduled for tomorrow remains suspended until Monday when the court will make a ruling as to whether to review its decision.

KMJA lawyer Elisha Ongoya told the court that, they have complied with court’s orders.
He urged the court to set ai side it order suspending the AGM for a period of four months.

Justice Joseph Onguto, heard that registrar of societies has confirmed that returns have been made and rules to govern the elections of officials of the association have been set out as required by law.

Justice Onguto had put on hold the ,meeting to allow current officials to make returns to the registrar of societies.

The AGM and the general conference was scheduled to take place on 29 and 31 October to elect the association’s officials and a representative to the Judicial service commission.
City lawyer Kevin Turunga Ithagi moved to court seeking to halt the meeting, saying that KMJA since its registration has been embroiled in illegalities and its conducted its business unlawfully.
The petitioner said that KMJA has no registered officials to conduct its business at the AGM, saying that current office bearer are not recognized by the Registrar of Societies no returns have been since 2012.
He told the court that officials of KMJA have through the national council, illegally amended the association’s Constitution and further created additional regional councils, which is contrary to stringent procedures as provided for under its statue.
” Petitioner also assert that the officials of KMJA are in office illegally and improperly and have continued to conduct themselves in a manner not expected of state officers pursuant to Article 10 of the constitution” he told the court.
However the application was opposed by current officials through Elisha Ongoya, saying the petitioner had not demonstrated any rights as been infringed or is threatened with infringement to be entitled to the conservatory order halting the meeting.
He submitted that changed rules were subject for adoption during the AGM, saying the efforts are being made to regularize the association’s records for submission to the registrar of societies.