William Ngene who jumped two fences and sneaked into State House three days AT Milimani law courts on Wednesday 9, 2016.
A handcart pusher who jumped two fences and sneaked into State House three days ago says he only wanted to take a look around.

William Ngene provoked laughter in court with his explanation on Wednesday before Nairobi chief magistrate Daniel Ogemba.

“Your honour, I have never been to State House. I only see it on pictures and TV. I have seen all beautiful buildings in the city… I was curious,” Ngene said.

The court heard that the accused left his mkokoteni (handcart) at Uhuru Park, passed through Central Park and headed to the heavily guarded location.

“I wanted to see State House with my own eyes because I only get to see it on newspapers and television which made me curious,” he explained.

The court burst into laughter after magistrate Ogembo asked him whether he had satisfied his curiosity after seeing the famous house.

Njuguna said he was satisfied although police officers arrested him before he could have a good peek at it.
Now, Njuguna will spend 10 days in custody to give probation officers time to prepare a report on him and adduce it in court before the court sentences him.

The court heard that on March 6, the 29-year-old man left Uhuru Park, passed by Central Park and later went to State House.

Upon reaching the area and assessing the environment, he jumped two fences at State House and started walking around the area when he was picked up by GSU officers.

The city resident was charged after he failed to give satisfactory answers upon arrest.