Pathologist Dr Andrew Kanyi based at Kenyatta National Hospital who presented an autopsy report of the bodies of Willie Kimani,his client and a tax driver before Justice Kimaru at Milimani law courts on Wednesday July 6,2016.

Safaricom has been taken to task for denying court phone evidence required in the murder inquiry of lawyer Willie Kimani his client and a taxi driver.

LSK lawyer Charles Kanjama told the High Court that the data provided by Safaricom is vague and incomplete.

He said LSK had requested for information involving the three victims from June 23 when they disappeared, to July 1, but only received information up to June 30.

Mr Kanjama also said that Safaricom did not march the numbers of callers and recipients with names of victims or suspects in the case.

“There is no SMS data either and all forensic tools to tie suspects to the crime were not supplied,” Kanjama said. “But we are analysing what we currently have.”

He asked the court to ensure Safaricom provides comprehensive details, adding that access to this information is a constitutional right of the victims’ families.

But DPP Keriako Tobiko denied the data is insufficient, saying the claims would be substantiated after a complete police report on the killings.

The Mobile Service provider also did not provide GPS data as requested.

Through their lawyer Stephen Kiptilless, Safaricom said it could could not furnish GPS surveillance because the company only used fibre optic cables and microwave lines, as opposed to satellite data.

Mr Kiptilless also said the constitution and Information Act prohibit Safaricom from monitoring clients’ data and calls.

According to the autopsy report that was presented in court on Wednesday after a postmortem was carried out on the three bodies including that of Advocate Willie Kimani who were murdered in cold blood, the trio was subjected to a torturous  death.

Dr Andrew Kanyi a pathologist based at Kenyatta National hospital said that the private parts of the deceased were crushed using blunt objects.

This even as mobile telephone services provider safaricom was faulted that it is frustrating the investigations into the case.

Sorrow was written all over the faces of advocates who were following the proceedings into the case that is trying to unravel the masterminds behind the cold blood killings of the three people among them an advocate.

A forensic expert and a pathologist based at Kenyatta National Hospital Dr Andrew Kanyi presented an autopsy report after the bodies of Willie Kimani,his client and a taxi driver were conducted and a grim picture was painted to a packed court-room with the pathologist saying that the trio was hit several times with their bodies showing multiple injuries as well as strangulation.

.It was an explanation akin to animals being taken to a slaughter house where the deceased were hit with blunt objects which manifested through extensive fractures on their scalpe.

Proceedings resume next week Tuesday.