Kiambu Governor William Kabogo who has been slapped with 5.3 million.


Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has been slapped with 5.3 million as costs of a case that was ruled in of his political rival in Kiambu gubernatorial race Ferdinard Waititu’s favor.

High Court Deputy Registrar Ms. Sharon Mwayuli issued the orders after Kabogo’s petition challenging Waititu’s Panjab University degree case was dismissed.

“I hereby direct Governor William Kabogo to pays Kabete Member of Parliament  Ferdinard Waititu

5,343,922 million as costs in the case he lost when he falsely alleged Waititu had no degree” reads the order.

Kabete Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu moved to court seeking over 50 million shillings from Kiambu Governor William Kabogo as costs of a case that was ruled in his favor.

Waititu through his lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui filed the bill of costs petition after high court judge Onguto ordered that Kabogo pays the MP the cost of spending time in court defending himself.

In the main case High Court Judge Joseph Onguto dismissed Kabogo’s application saying that the court has no jurisdiction to hear and determine the allegations raised by the petitioner.

Kabogo’s was questioning Waititu’s integrity and academic qualifications.

As a punishment for Kabogo for suing the Kabete lawmaker over alleged fake academic credentials.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo took his supremacy wars to court claiming that Mr Ferdinand Waititu who vowed to remove him from the governor’s seat lied about his academic credentials.

The governor through lawyer Issa Mansur told a Nairobi court that Waititu does not possess any valid university degree or any degree from a recognized University.

He said that there is no evidence that now Kabete MP Waititu went through a process of learning, tutoring, and examination and met all the requirements of the University to earn the degree that he purports to possess.

Kiambu Governor also warns that there is a real danger that Waititu’s election as member of the National Assembly for Kabete Constituency was a fraud on the good people of Kiambu County

Waititu later challenged Kabogo creditials saying never went to Panjab University to do his alleged commerce degree, a court heard.p

Mr Waititu said governor’s presence in India is not documented.

While presenting his response against claims that he did not attend Panjab University, the MP showed his university documents including a certificate awarded to him by the institution.

In papers filed in court on Tuesday, Waititu said the governor has equally not submitted proof that he changed courses if he attended the university.

“…He has availed no proof that he attended a single class lecture or authority to shift from an alleged degree course in Electrical engineering to Bachelor of Commerce,” the papers read in part.

The court ruled that Kabogo should have filed his complaint at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission instead of approaching the High Court.