A six year old has gotten justice at last with the man she knew as her grandfather being jailed for life for sexually abusing her.

Joseph Muriithi Macharia appeal to have a 10 years imprisonment quashed was dismissed by the high court and sentenced to life.

“The sentence of ten years imposed on the appellant was not lawful. The lawful sentence which the magistrate ought to have imposed is imprisonment for life based on the age of the victim. I will therefore interfere with the sentence. I set aside the sentence of ten years. The appellant is sentenced to imprisonment for life,” ruled judge Lucy Gitari

The indecent act happened in October 3 2014 when Macharia sent for the girl.

It was after the girl had overstayed at her grandfather that the mother decided to find out what may have caused her delay only to find her father in the act on her daughter.

Angrily, she grab her daughter from ‘the animal’ and later reported the matter to Kiangwaci Police Post.

Her daughter was then taken to Katarina Hospital for treatment.

In his defense the grandfather said that he was being fixed for an act he did not commit.

He stated that on the material day he was digging near his house when children went to play near his home.

The children damaged his sweet potatoes which angered him.

He then probed from the children who had damaged the sweet potatoes.

The children started blaming each other.

The mother of the child went and started making a lot of noise and claimed that no sweet potatoes had been damaged.

She told him it were better if he is the one who had died other than his wife.

He got annoyed and went to report the matter to the Police.

When he reached the station, he found the mother at the Police Station.

He was then arrested and charged in court.