NASA principal and wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka who wants his foundation accounts unfrozen.



Call it what you may; democracy, consensus or independence, but NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga was hoodwinked by his coalition principals and this is how.

Looking at the events that presumed the announcement of the NASA’s flag bearer, you could think that ODM suitors outwitted their counterparts into agreeing that Odinga carries the day but a little look into the core of the agreement, it is sad to note that Raila’s henchmen scored A’s in all areas except one window that could/maybe exploited.

I agree that I also got it wrong on this one and pester the gods for forgiveness from the former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka on this one alone. However, I stand with all I outlined earlier as true, nothing else but the truth.

In the accord signed by the four principals leave alone Isaac Ruto, it was agreed that each party should have its own candidates for governorship, senatorial, Member of Parliament, Women Representative and Member of County Assembly.

This means that, all parties in the NASA coalition derive their strength from their candidates and thus can stand on their own if their interests are not satisfied in the coalition.

What does this mean?

Allow me to remind you of a statement made by Kalonzo Musyoka before Raila was made NASA flagbearer. “I will be in the government that will be in power in 2017.”

Although he has always wanted voters to believe that the government he is talking about is NASA government the fact that he leaves out which government will be in power leaves a lot to be desired. But, Kalonzo is saying this; he will not stay in the cold for five more years, he will be in the government whether NASA or Jubilee.

Going back to the agreement, I beg to understand why Kalonzo outrightly allowed Raila to be the Presidential candidate and him the running mate without a sweat.

Did Kalonzo just play it safe or is he deriving his strength from the opposition for superior bargaining power?

In event that Raila doesn’t make it to be Kenya’s President, Kalonzo will jump ship to the other side taking with him candidates from his own party and will also have a higher bargaining agreement with the government that will be in power.

If Raila wins, Kalonzo will also be in the government bringing his candidates along plus the cord that binds him to Raila, NASA.

The same case for Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi; this principals outwitted the old man and as they say, he who laughs last, laughs better.