National Assembly.


Two women NGO groups now want the twelfth parliament to legislate the two-third gender representation principle as its first and only order of business.

They said the composition of the national assembly and the senate following the general election has failed to meet the constitutional threshold and makes the creation of government untenable.

The centers for rights education and awareness (CREAW) and community advocate and awareness trust (CRAEW TRUST ) said failure by the eleventh parliament to comply with article 27 and 81 of the constitutional violated the right of women to equality and freedom from discrimination.

In the urgent application filed by lawyer Steve ogalo, the lobby groups said the twelfth Parliament is about to be constituted by elected and appointed d representatives without realizing the two-third gender principle.

23 women were elected to the national assembly during the polls; six women will be nominated by political parties creating a shortfall of 41 women representative. In the Senate three women were elected, 16 others will be nominated by political parties while two will represent youth and persons with disabilities but still fall short of two women to reach 23 members threshold.

“Following the declaration of the 2017 general elections results , the number of elected members of the National Assembly and the Senate does not meet the constitutional threshold and the not-more-than two thirds gender principle in either House, “argues the petitioners.

The lobby group argued that Supreme Court, through its advisory opinion, had categorically stated the parliament should have passed the necessary legal framework to implement the two-thirds gender principles by August 27, 2015

Further, the high court had declared the failure by Parliament to enact the necessary legislation with within the time frame specified by the Supreme Court advisory opinion was a violation of the Constitution .the 60-day ultimate to comply had similarly been frustrated.

“The Constitution provides that any attempt to establish government otherwise than compliance with the Constitution s unlawful. Parliament, being one of the political wings of government must comply with the terms of the constitution that require compliance with the two gender principle “ “the lobby groups said.

Hearing to proceed for further directions.