Marsabit Town Sheikh Guyo Gorsa before a Nairobi Court on Monday January 15,2017/ PHPTO BY S.A.N.


Marsabit Sheikh Guyo Gorsa linked to terrorism has been detained for 30 days to allow the police to complete their investigations over allegation of territorism.

“Guyo will remain in custody for 30 days pending the completion of the investigation by the prosecution,” said Mutuku.

The Court ruled that, police had probable cause to arrest the Sheikh.

“There is nothing wrong in relying on intelligence information so far received in regard to the activities of the Sheikh” said Mutuku.

She further ruled that, there are compelling reasons to warrant the continued detention of the Sheikh.

The Sheikh shall be detained at an appropriate police station within Nairobi County.

The magistrate said the police station shall not be named due to security reasons but the defence Counsel and family are free to visit him and shall contact the Investigating Officer whenever they wish to visit the Sheikh.

The learned magistrate said, the application was properly before the court and does not contravene the constitution.

ATPU said in its application that Gorsa was arrested due to his influence with the terror group , recruitment  and radicalization of youth’s in Marsabit to undertake terror activities.

Senior State Counsel Duncan Ondimu, while making application for custodial orders, told the court that the suspect was arrested January 13 at Madarassa Toba in Marsabit county pursuant to credible intelligence information that he was involved in terrorism.

He said the police, at the time of his arrest, seized his mobile phone which was fitted with a SIM card and SD card and are yet to be fully subjected for forensic examination and a report on the same obtained.

“The intelligence report so far received shows that the religious leader has been in constant communication with well-known terrorists based in Somalia and some within the country,” Ondimu told the court

ATPU through Senior Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu told the court that,  the Muslim cleric has other associates who are yet to be apprehended but their arrest is being vigorously pursued by the security agencies both within and out of the country.

The Sheikh opposed the application saying that police have no basis to detain him for four weeks pending trial.

Defence lawyer yesterday urged the Magistrate Martha Mutuku to allow the  ATPU to hold him for more than two days as they have no sufficient evidence of him committing an offense.