Mathare North Member of Parliament Anthony Oluoch at Milimani Law Court./FILE PHOTO


Mathare North Member of Parliament Anthony Oluoch has been sued for “exorbitance.”

It is alleged that he has been charging a client unfair legal representation fees charges.

Adrian Sanita is disputing legal costs that Mr Oluoch has been charging him accusing him of fraud.

He wants the court to scrutinize discharge vouchers which were used by the advocate in paying his dues which arose from compensation by his former employer after the court found that he and others were retrenched unfairly.

According to Sanita, his former employer Telkom Kenya Limited, paid that money to Mr Oluoch bank account and was to being disbursed to various individuals.

The payments, he said varied highly from one individual to another who were all at the same level of employment.

Sanita says that Mr Oluoch deducted 30% of advocate fees, and tax from the compensation whereas there was a legal notice exempting taxes from the compensation money.

It is also alleged that the advocate also deducted money for auctioneers and “we don’t know at what point they instructed the auctioneers and the business
they were meant to perform.”

Sanita wants the court to set aside consent entered with the advocate Oluoch saying it is fraudulent as it bares forged signatures.

“It is unfair for one to work for so long
and fight court battles longer then an advocate gets half of the money,” they said.

In response, Mr Oluoch maintains that there was a valid consent which was duly signed by all the clients he represented in the matter.

He also says that payments were effected and discharge vouchers were signed by clients that they received payments and were explained to how deductions were done including advocate fees.

Justice Byram Ongaya of employment and labor relations court will make a ruling on 27th April 2018 whether the said consent is fraudulent or
not to set a ground for the case to proceed.