Lawyer Alex Kibunja Ngure before the Milimani Residents Magistrate where he pleaded not guilty over conspiracy to defraud charge.

A Kiambu based lawyer has been charged with conspiracy to defraud a businessman two parcel of land in Kajiado county worth 10 million as per the charge sheet.

 Alex Kibunja Ngure is accused on March 6,2015, he conspired with another not before court to defraud Anthony Dominic Kibathi of his two parcel of land by fraudulently transferring the to Jane Kibathi Njoroge , Kibathi ‘s wife who shifted to United Kingdom after separation.

Mr Alex appeared before Milimani Resident Magistrate Caroline Nzihe and denied the fraud charges.

Court was informed wife of the complaint has relocated to United Kingdom.

Defence lawyer told the court that, the complaint in the matter has also lodged a complaint before LSK and complaint was dismissed.

“This is a malicious prosecution. He was arrested yesterday before Kiambu law court by 3 police officers and detained at Muthaiga police station” he told the court.

He further submitted that, the purported value of the land of 10 million was exaggerated since the property is 20 kilometers away from Kitengela and urged the court to release the accused on a free bond since he was the officer of the court.

Prosecution opposed the advocate to be released on a free bond. They urged the court to consider the offence and amount involved..

However, the court released the accused on a cash bail of 50,000 and a bond of 200,000 pending hearing and determination of the criminal trial.