Milimani Law Courts building home of children's court./PHOTO BY S.A.N.


The husband to embattled Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has been ordered to immediately comply with the parental responsibility agreement to pay school for for his class five daughter.

This after Milimani Children Court adopted parental responsibility agreement dated May 14,2019 as a court order following child support case filed by another woman.

The child mother filed a certificate of urgency last week on June 7,2019 through lawyer Shadrack Wambui seeking orders compelling the Speaker’s husband Brian Tendwa Anguba to pay the school fee for the class five child claiming the child risks being sent out of school after he refused to pay school fees even though he voluntarily signed a parental responsibility agreement.

According to the agreement seen by the NairobiTimez, it was signed by both the mother and Tendwa and witnessed by a witnessing officer.

“Father given unlimited reasonable access on alternative weekends is Friday at 6 PM (estate name withheld) and drop back on Sunday at 6:00 pm”, state the agreement.

The agreement further indicate that the father will take care of expenses like education.

“Father to care for all education, medical and clothing, mother to provide the food and each party to care for their own shelter”, further stated the agreement.

Documents filed in court, the mother of the minor claims she has always struggled to pay the fees but due to serious financial difficulty she is not able to raise the same.

She says the two met in the year 2007 and cohabited for less than one year and later Tendwa moved to her house.

Around 2008, the mother to the minor secured a job in Mombasa where she relocated leaving Tendwa behind staying in her house and by that time she was two months pregnant.

“The defendant only paid a visit to me while in Mombasa utmost 3 times”, says the woman.

She adds that she developed complications forcing her to resign and came back to Nairobi.

” When I came back to Nairobi , I found that the defendant had already vacated the house we were living in though I found my belonging intact but he had taken away his belonging with him”, reads the court papers.

Through lawyer Shadrack, she further says that after the minor was born on April 5,2009, Tendwa cut communication and never availed himself and only appeared after two months and since then he visits the minor when he feels like.

“On May 14,2019 Tendwa was summoned at Kasarani Children’s office vide summons dated April 30,2019”, says the woman.

She says upon intervention by the children’s officer, Tendwa without being forced in any willingly entered into a parental responsibility agreement and signed the same but since the he has failed to abide by the said agreement and the minor risks being chased from school because school fees has not been paid.

The applicant claims that she had pleaded with the school to let the minor remain in school but no positive response has received from the Tendwa.

The matter will be heard today before the children court.