Kiambu Principal Magistrate Bryan Mandila Khaemba.


Embattled Kiambu Principal Magistrate Bryan Mandila Khaemba who resigned last week after suspension by the chief justice David Maraga over alleged gross misconduct remains a judicial officer pending hearing and determination against judicial service commission.

This is according to a consent order issued by Employment and Labour Relations Court.

Employment and labour relations Court ordered that Bryan Mandila Khaemba is still a judicial officer but on suspension from discharging duties as a judicial officer designated as principal magistrate but the same does not affect his membership the Kenya Magistrate’s and Judges Association(KMJA) and the East African Magistrate’s and Judges Association (EAMJA) and the related capacities as he may hold in the Association.

This is after the magistrate sued the Chief Justice David Maraga and Judicial Service Commission (JSC) over it’s decision to suspended him on Thursday last week without a salary over allegations of misconduct relating to how he handled Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s case.

Justice Byram Ongaya in a consent order dated June 19, further ordered the Chief Justice David Maraga and the JSC to pay the magistrate half consolidated monthly renumeration.

Khaemba resigned while citing various reasons for his resignation among them the need to engage in other income generating activities after he was given an indefinite suspension during which he was to earn nil salary.

“However, having reflected on the consequences of the suspension letter, especially on the aspect of nil salary and fact that this process has no definite timelines, I have separately tendered my resignation letter to enable me engage in other income generating activities. This will also give the council of the East African Magistrate and judges Association (EAMJA) a chance to designate another council member take charge of the secretariat of the association since I have been serving as the secretary general”, stated Khaemba resignation letter.