Two police officers accused of killing unarmed civilians in Garissa County three months ago have been released on a cash bail of Sh500,000 each.

Milimani High court judge James Wakiaga also gave Adan Ibrahahim Salat and Abdirahman Roble Samow an alternative bond of Sh1 million with two sureties of similar amount. 

“I have considered submissions by parties involved in the case who includes the victims family represented by lawyer Bryan Odhiambo and order the two accused persons to be released on bail,” ruled Wakiaga.

The judge released them on bail on conditions they deposit in court their passports and not to interfere with witnesses set to testify in the case. They were also barred from traveling to Garissa, where they are accused of shooting dead two people in July.

The officers had applied to be released on bail pending hearing and determination of their murder trial.

They argued that they will abide by all conditions set by the court one released on bail. 

Salat and Samow said they are family men and not a flight risk.

Director of Public Prosecutions had vehemently opposed their release on bond arguing that the charges they were facing were serious with serious penalty if convicted.

The two officers have since denied that on July 25 this year at Soko Ngombe Area of Garissa Township in Garissa sub-county, they jointly murdered Aden Abdi Madhobe and Mudhidin Aden Mudhow.

The prosecution was apprehensive that the two officers might interfere with key witnesses who are members of the Garissa township community living with their families and conducting businesses in the area.

The court was told that the families of the deceased persons also reside in the same area and are eager to give their testimony and see the court dispense justice.

Further, the prosecution said the court and the wider criminal justice system has a duty to ensure the protection of victims of crime and provide a platform for their views to be provided to court.

The prosecution had also told the court that taking into account that the accused persons are police officers who can access weapons or use other means of causation against them and their families.

Prosecution also added that there has been public anger in relation to acts of police abuse within the country which have caused deaths of innocent Kenyans.