Convicted terrorist Mohamed Abdi Ali alias Abu Fidaa being handcuffed by prison officer after he was being found guilty of being member of terrorism group./PHOTO BY S.A.N


A medical doctor at Wote General Hospital has been found guilty of terrorism.

The doctor, Mohamed Abdi alias Abu Fidaa, is an ISIS member who had, until his arrest in 2016, been aiding and facilitating youth recruitment to join ISIS, making communication and waging online support and financial assistance to the dreaded Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

The magistrate, Martha Mutuku, found Mohamed Abdi Ali alias Abu Fidaa guilty of five counts of terrorism finding that prosecution proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

“I do find that the prosecution has proved its case against the first accused person(Mohamed Abdi Ali alias Abu Fidaa) in respect of count 1, 2,4, 7, and 8 and I convict him for these count under section 215 of the CPC,” ruled the magistrate.

Senior Principal Prosecutor Duncun Ondimu urged the court to hand Mohamed Abdi a 96-year sentence terming the offence as most lethal due to its nature and effect on the country.

“There is no doubt that this country has suffered and continues to suffer effect of terrorism offences which have been committed, which have left long effect on the victim both physically, mentally and economically,” Ondimu told the court.

He requested the court to note that the convict was a medical doctor working at Wote General hospital paid by taxpayers money, despite harbouring ill intentions: he was not keen to treat the sick but recruit young people into terrorism.

During his trial, Ondimu noted that the convict never exhibited remorse to make the court consider his behaviour.

“Terrorism affects everyone most cases defenseless who cannot defend themselves and in this case there was use of technology to perpetuate the crime,” Ondimu told the court.

Through his lawyer, Chacha Mwita, Mohamed was seeking a non-custodial sentence which Prosecution vehemently opposed urging the court to ignore it.

Inversely, Mohamed was acquitted of solicitisation for the commission of a terrorist act, promoting a terrorist act and directing the commission of terrorist Act.

The court also acquited his wife Nuseibah Mohamed Haji who was the then a Kampala University student all counts.

Mohamed Abdi Ali alias Abu Fidaa, alias Abu Shuhadaa, alias Abu Ramzi with his wife Nuseibah Mohamed Haji, Alias Umm Fidaa, and Alias Ummu Fidaa before court during the judgement that found Abdi guilty. /PHOTO BY S.A.N.

The convict were arrested on 29th April 2016. Mohamed has been in custody since then.

He was accused that before the 30 August, 2016 at the anti- terrorism police unit headquarters in Nairobi, he was found to be a member of a terrorist group namely the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The medical doctor was also charged that on diverse dates between 1st January 2015 and 30″ August , 2016 at unknown place within the Republic of Kenya, jointly with others not before court, knowingly ran a recruitment of youth to be members of ISIS terrorist group also known as the Islamic state of iraq and Syria by linking them up with other fighters in Libya and facilitating communication through social media platforms (namely twitter, Km, Threenia, and Telegram) and email communications.

He was also accused that on diverse dates between January 2015 and 27 August 2016 at unknown place within the Republic of Kenya, jointly with others not before court, organized meetings knowing that the agendas of the meetings were for the activities of a terrorist group by making referrals regarding operations, financing and recruitment, tasking to translate material for the purpose of terrorist activities.


Nazir Bhadural Jinnah, who is the director of Pearl Beach Hotel trading for English Point Marina before court during sentencing./PHOTO BY S.A.N.


A fake lawyer who wrote to a solicitor in the United Kingdom requesting to be a lead counsel in a divorce case has been jailed by a Nairobi court.

Nazir Bhadural Jinnah, who is the director of Pearl Beach Hotel trading for English Point Marina was sentenced to serve 18 months for presenting himself as an advocate .

The businessman was given an alternative of paying a fine each of Sh250,000.

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Dolphina Alego found him guilty of presenting himself as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

He was also found guilty of making a document without authority and uttering false document.

“Conclusively, this court finds that the prosecution has proved their case in all the charges beyond reasonable doubt and this court finds that accused person is guilty herein and court convict accordingly,” ruled the court.

He was charged that between the year 2013 and 2017 in Nairobi with intent to defraud Herbas Singh Birdi falsely presented himself to be an advocate of the High Court of Kenya as an associate of Khaminwa and Khaminwa advocates.

The charge sheet stated that with intent to defraud and without lawful authority, he made a letter for sale of property LR. No. (4/171-Nyari-Nairobi addressed to Singh purporting it to be genuine letter written and issued by Senior Counsel Khaminwa law firm.

During the hearing Law Society of Kenya categorically confirmed to the court Nazir was not an advocate or it member.

Sonny Birdi who was the first witness in the case told the court that he met Nazir in 2013 who was known to his father and was a consultant with Khaminwa advocates. That he was going through his divorce in the United Kingdom.

He needed help and that the accused now convict would be the lead counsel in Kenya. He testified that he had a UK solicitor.

He wrote a letter of appointment to the UK solicitor as lead counsel for the case. The case was in the UK and he paid for him to travel to UK.

Accused traveled to the UK twice.

Court heard that Nazir traveled to Canada for over six months and that his father went to khaminwa advocates to follow up on his land case and that is when he learnt Nazir has never been their employee, agent or partner.

In his defense, he denied receiving Sh5, 540,000 from Agwawal Khan and Company and that he has no idea wherethe money went to.

Retired engineer Sunny Birdi in his testimony told the court the last payment of the sale of his land assets of Farhana Properties limited in Mombasa was paid to Nazir.

The convict also denied presenting himself as an advocate at Khaminwa law firm.


Nashon Otieno Angudha before court where he denied charges./PHOTO BY S.A.N.


A Nairobi middle-aged businessman pretending to be in a position to hire a private jet to transport 300 kilogram of gold to Dubai has charged with Sh37. 5 million fraud.

Nashon Otieno Angudha appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe and denied the charges.

Otieno is accused that on diverse dates between 13th July and 18th October 2023 at Runda Glory valley estate jointly with others not before court obtained Sh 37,500,000 from Surinder Singh Kanda.

The court heard that Otieno obtained the millions by pretending that the money was meant to hire a private jet, payment of Insurance and taxes for 300kilograms of gold which was meant to transported from Kenya to Dubai a fact he knew to be false.

Prosecution told the Nairobi court Otieno allegedly conspired to steal USD250, 000 equivalent to Sh 37,500,000 from Kanda by falsely pretending that the money was to hire a private jet, pay insurance and taxes for 300kgs of gold which was to be transported from Kenya to Dubai.

Court to rule on whether to release him on cash bail or not tomorrow


Chairman Eric Nyongesa leads the Tax Appeals Tribunal members in an interactive campaign in Embu town to educate wananchi on tax disputes resolution.


The Tax Appeals Tribunal has kicked-off a sensitization campaign in Mt Kenya Region to create awareness on the tribunal’s mandate, its processes and the tax payers’ rights, as well as tax dispute resolution issues in Kenya.

The Tribunal led by its chairman Eric Ngongesa who is also former Law Society Chairman Mombasa branch commenced the sensitization campaign this week on Monday.

The team which included members of the Tribunal, KRA, ICPAK, LSK and Kenya Law representatives sensitized stakeholders who included lawyers and business people in Embu town on tax resolution issues.

Tomorrow and Friday April 12, the team will be in Meru and Nyeri, respectively, to conduct the exercise.

The chair said the team was in the region to sensitize the tax payers and the practitioners specifically lawyers and the tax agents, to inform them about the tribunal’s processes and what they require in order to utilize the tribunal’s services.

He observed that there is a bit of absence of knowledge of processes and knowledge of adequate representation saying there is need for public engagements to build capacity for people appearing before the tribunal. The chairman noted this is important to increase the knowledge of the tax payer so that one knows about who to engage in terms of representation.

“There is a bit of absence of knowledge of processes and knowledge of adequate representation…that is why we feel that we need to do more of these engagements to build capacity for people appearing before the tribunal in terms of representation,” Mr Eric Nyongesa said.

He added: “Tax payers do not know how to deal with disputes when they are served with an assessment by the commissioner. ..they do not have proper representation in terms of tax agents and even the lawyers representing them are not active tax practitioners.”

Mr Nyongesa explained that the Tribunal was set up in 2015 specifically to deal with tax disputes adding that it is the first court that you go to when you have a dispute or tax matters with the KRA.

He assured taxpayers in the area that the tribunal has sufficient capacity to address and resolve tax disputes in the country.


Samwel Kanyi Kang'ang'a before court where he denied stealing millions./PHOTO BY IRENE ONYANGO.


A company agent has been charged with stealing Sh 8. 7 million 

Samwel Kanyi Kang’ang’a appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe and denied the charges. 

Kang’ang’a is accused that on diverse dates between 9th August and 22nd September 2023 at an unknown place, being an agent of Leadwort Kenya Ltd, stole Sh 8,750,672. 

The millions had been entrusted to him to deliver to East Africa Zhenyuan Group Company Ltd. 

Prosecution told the court the accused impersonated the director of Leadwort Kenya Ltd while on a phone call with Zhang Qingsong of East Africa Zhenyaun Group Company Ltd. 

Kang’ang’a was released on a Sh 3Million bond or an alternative cash bail of Sh 1Million plus two contact persons pending hearing and determination of the criminal case. 


Attorney General Chamber home of Asset Recovery Agency (ARA). /PHOTO BY S.A.N.


Properties worth hundred millions belonging to Mombasa businessman and Tanzanian suspected to be bought with proceeds of crime has been forfeited to the government.

Justice Esther Maina forfeited both luxury and commercial vehicles belonging to Mombasa businessman Abdulmajid Msallam Timami and rental houses belonging to Tanzanian Said Mselem Abdallah.

The rental houses are located in section 11 Mainland North in Mombasa.

“A declaration be and is hereby issued that the following motor vehicles are proceeds of crime: KAZ 161M, KCC 232R, КСТ180М, КΑΕ 005A, ZF 6293, ZF 8270, KCQ 854X, KCV459T, KCP632F, KCL 444U, KBQ 4109.The aforestated vehicles be and are hereby forfeited to the government of Kenya,”judge ruled in her decision.

The court directed the Director of the NTSA to effect transfer of the vehicles to the Applicant.

” A declaration be and is hereby issued that the following immovable properties are proceeds of crime and the same are hereby forfeited to the government of Kenya: LR. No. Mombasa /Mwembelegeza/1385 and LR NO C.R 66464 NO 14173 (ORIG NO 14152/22), Survey Plan 371828, LR NO C.R 65470 14171(ORIG NO 14152/20) Section II Mainland North , Survey Plan NO 371826, LR NO C.R 66469 NO 14170(ORIG NO 14152/19) and NO 371825, ” ruled the judge.

All the properties are located in Mombasa Section II Mainland. Court forfeited the properties and all rental income.

Judge Esther Maina directed the Chief Land Registrar Mombasa to effect transfer of the above immovable properties to the Asset Recovery Agency.

The judge found that Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) adduced cogent evidence to prove that Timami was involved in the trafficking of narcotic which is a criminal offence.

“As for causal link between the criminal offence and the properties it is my finding that there is evidence that proves that the suit properties registered in Timami’s name were acquired during investigations,” said judge Maina in the decision.

Judge dismissed claims by Timami that the property registered had nothing to do with him and should not be forfeited to the state.

The judge said the parcel of land in Mwembelegeza legally belonged to Timami because he is the one who sought development approvals which proves the property belongs to him and not the Tanzanian.

Judge said the decision to register the property under tbe Tanzanian name was merely intended to launder the dirty.


Azimio la umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga receives NADCO from joint committee Chairperson Kalonzo Musyoka and MP Kimani Inchung'wah.


High Court in Kiambu has satisfied urgent application by Azimio la umoja One Kenya Coalition seeking to join the petition challenging the implementation of the National Dialogue Committee report(NADCO).

Justice Dora Chepkwony certified the application urgent and directed Azimio lawyer Arnold Oginga to serve other parties and petitioner to respond within seven days.

The judge last month suspended the implementation of the National Dialogue Committee report pending a hearing and determination of a petition by activist Michael Muchemi.

The Raila Odinga led coalition wants to join the case as interested party.

The coalition told the court they want to participate in the proceedings that blocked implementation of NADCO report in regard to an audit of the 2022 presidential election.

The coalition through lawyer Oginga argued that on 22 of April the court declined to issue interim orders on a preliminary objection questioning the court jurisdiction to hear and determine the case.

Azimio application is supported by the affidavit sworn by wiper Democratic party leader Kalonzo Musyoka who told the court that the coalition stands to be greatly prejudiced should the instant application not be allowed.

“There is an eminent danger that the Courts shall give contradictory or conflicting decisions over the same subject matter and hence it is prudent that the two matters be consolidated and heard together,” Azimio lawyer Oginga told the Kiambu based Judge.

The coalition argued that orders sought in these proceedings shall and have a direct bearing on the coalition by virtue of being a key player in the National Dialogue Committee, and the Sponsoring political party, with key Members at the Parliament and the Senate.

The coalition further told the court it is important that they are afforded an opportunity to be heard before the Court makes any such Orders affecting them or the discharge of their functions in line with the principles of the rules of natural justice and the fundamental rights and freedoms to a fair hearing and trial as guaranteed under Articles 25 and 50 of the Constitution, ” coalition told the court.


Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui for activist Joseph Aura who has written to Dr. Cleopa Kilonzo Mailu Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Mission seeking for information on the proposed amendments to the international Health Regulation.


An activist has written to Kenya’s representative to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Cleopa Mailu over the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulation (IHR).

Joseph Aura has sought in the letter to Dr Mailu the country’s position on the amendments and the draft pandemic treaty under WHO.

Aura, who challenged the three Acts that replaced the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), sought the information under Article 35(1)(a) and (b) of the Constitution.

The activist and wants to know whether Attorney General Justin Muturi was notified of the said proposed amendments to the IHR either by his office or by the Director General.of WHO..

Through lawyer Harisson Kinyanjui, Aura says that on April 4th 2024 he established that the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) are due for adoption but the amendments were never made known to Kenyans.

He said the proposed amendments have been pending approval, reservations or rejection by Member States since 2022.

“As a Member State, Kenya is represented in the WHO by yourself, and our Client has further established that you are the Chair of the Regional Committee for Africa in regard to the Working Committee for the proposed IHR amendments. With respect, correct us if we have erred in that regard, ” Aura says in the letter.

He says he established that the Regional Committee for Africa was set to deliberate on the proposed amendments in a meeting on August 28th 2023 to 1st September 2023.

“Kindly let us know if Kenyan representatives attended such meetings, and WHAT (if any) contributions were made by such of the Kenyan delegation, as well as the outcome(s) thereof including any, and all Resolutions/Plans of Actions/Conclusions, and/or reservations made thereat in respect of the proposed IHR amendments, ” says Aura on the letter.

He also wants to be supplied with the information on whether Kenyan government was notified in accordance with Article 65(2) of the stated amendments.

He is also requesting to be furnished with the copies of such of the documents in regard to the successive meetings of Regional Committee for Africa regarding the proposed amendments to the IHR if the meeting by the Regional Committee for Africa took place thereafter with the participation of Kenya, and the outcomes thereof in regard to the proposed IHR amendments.

He further wants to be furnished with the information on World Health Organization has come up with a Pandemic Treaty for adoption by Member States during the forthcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) on whether Kenya participated at all stages.


John Bosco Olago before court where he denied defrauding a Chinese company ober Sh13 million. /PHOTO BY S.A.N.


A businessman has been charged with obtaining Sh13.3 million in a fake sugar deal.

John Bosco Olago appeared before Milimani Chief Magistrate Benard Ochoi and denied defrauding the Chinese.

Bosco is accused that between 24th November last year and 28th this year within Kilimani area in Nairobi he obtained USD 103,000 (equivalent to Sh13,389,588.00).

He obtained the dollars from Hainan Rui Rong international company by falsely pretending he was in a position to sell them 1000 tonnes of white refined sugar a fact he knew was false.

NCBA Bank official and Registrar of companies is among state listed witnesses to testify against him


Congolese national, Lumumba Ulundu Patrick alias Gabriel Ilungu alias Lumumba Patrick Byarufu before court./PHOTO BY S.A.N.


A Congolese businessman has been charged with defrauding Chinese company Sh156 million by pretending he was in position to sell Tantalum noibium ore(Tantalite).

Ulundu Patrick Lumumba Alias Gabriel Kulonda Alias Lumumba Patrick Byarufu appeared before Milimani Chief Magistrate Benard Ochoi and denied the charges.

Prosecution told that on 26th day of December 2023 in Kenya, jointly with others not before court with intent to defraud obtained USD one million equivalent to Sh 156,000,000 from Yingchen(Shenzenhen] International trade Company Limited.

Court heard he obtained the millions by falsely pretending you were in a position to sell to the Company 84 metric tonnes of tantalum niobium ore[tantalite] ferried in container numbers a fact you knew to be false.

He is further accused that on diverse dates between 7th day of August and 26th day of December 2023 in Kenya, jointly with others not before court conspired to defraud the said 156 million from Yingchen[shenzenhen) International trade company limited.

He will remain in police custody pending ruling on bail on Monday next week.

According to Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Ulundu was cornered along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi, minutes after evading detection by Immigration officials at JKIA where a Stop Order had been placed on his passport.

DCI revealed that the suspect used a Ugandan Interstate pass card in the names of Lumumba Patrick Byarufu, and upon arrest was also found in possession of yet another Congolese Passport.

“In the case he is implicated, a female Chinese national lost Sh151 million to the suspect’s machinations after one of three containers declared to contain tantalum minerals was opened in China, only to be found loaded with drums of sand, triggering investigations at the port of Mombasa, the transit route,” DCI said on their X social media page.