Uganda government seem to have vowed to make the campaign of former countries Prime Minister Patrick Amama Mbabazi difficult after he was denied a consultavi venue today by the Jinja Town Clerk.
Ugandan Police in Jinja have stopped all the intended rallies for presidential aspirant John Patrick Amama Mbabazi during his eastern region consultative meeting in Jinja today.
According to the Ugandan newspaper the Daily Monitor,the Regional Police Commander for Kiira region SP. Edison Nyabongo told the press at his office along Belle Avenue that police received a communication from Jinja Town Clerk David Kyasanku denying Amama Mbabazi the venues he had proposed to use for his rallies at Kakindu stadium and Kazimingi industrial park in the town.
Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi has dismissed the claim by Jinja Town Clerk that he could not be allowed to access the venue for his consultative meetings because it had already been booked by police for training activities.
Mbabazi was, on directives of the town clerk, barred from all the venues he had booked for his consultative meetings in Jinja town today despite previous clearance from the mayor.
“We paid money for the venue and it was received, if it was pre-booked by Police, why would they receive our money,” Mbabazi told journalists in Mbale today morning.
“They are only complicating my process. You don’t have to belong to any party to consult. Even independents can consult.
The only way you can educate ignorant people is showing them the right thing. The law permits me to consult,” Mbabazi added.
In the said communication dated 8th September 2015, Mr Kyasanku tells the chairperson of the organizing committee of Mbabazi’s consultative meetings Mr Robert Kanusu that the Uganda Police had booked Kakindu stadium from 9th September to 8th October to carry out their activities and therefore Amama could not access it.

“I regret to inform you that permission on the selected days for the venues requested for is not granted unless an alternative free Hall is sought for,” reads Kyasanku’s letter.
The Town clerk also claims he received a petition from Jinja Taxi Operators Association requesting him not to allow political activities at Kazimingi venue for fear of disrupting taxi business.

Nyabonngo also said he received another communication from Chairman of the Electoral Commission Badru Kigundu stopping political rallies of presidential aspirants before the official campaign dates.

Earlier, Kanusu had called Mbabazi supporters to welcome their candidate at Kazimingi for a rally. Early this morning Mr Kanusu said they were still consulting their legal team to give them direction on the matter.

He insisted Mbabazi’s plan to consult is still unchanged.