The embattled Garissa County Executive Committee member Hajir Mohamed Dahiye who was implicated with the loose of estimated Sh 70 million revenue money.


A senior Garissa County official has been threatened with death after distancing himself from widespread misappropriation of the taxpayer’s money.

Chief Officer for Trade Mohamed Daud was confronted three times by his boss -the County Executive Committee member Hajir Mohamed Dahiye who was implicated with the loose of estimated Sh 70 million revenue money.

Executive sources revealed that the threat to the life of the accounting officer was reported to the highest authority of the county administration -seeking for protection.

“The officer has officially written to the senior most authority complaining against the threats,” said sources within the corridors of powers.
The Garissa County Assembly adhoc committee investigating misappropriations of millions of shilling collected as revenue grilled senior County executive officials on Thursday afternoon.

Deputy Governor Abdullahi Hussein and County Secretary Mohamud Hassan Mursal alias Nairobii shocked at the revelation by the committee on how millions of shilling collected as revenue for cash-strapped county has been swindled through a personal account of a junior officer associated to one of executive member.

Hajir who is being investigated over the loss of the revenue money who also appeared before the committee absolved himself from the allegation that money was lost when he was in charge of the trade department.

Following public outcry at that time on embezzlement of collected revenue money, lack of payment to service providers example transport companies, local media houses and printing firms, on July 2014, the Governor Nathif Jama did reshuffled where Hajir was moved to Urban services docket -a move which was seen as a cover-up.

Hajir is accused among other -that he mastermind the diversion of revenue money worth Sh 208, 900 to the personal bank account of his close relative whom he then employed as administrative assistant, Osman Roble.

“I only know the named person as a junior officer at the trade department at the time and he have never been my personal assistant as claimed neither is any monies owned by the county being deposited in any private account at the time when I was in charge”, Hajir defended himself.
The ten member assembly adhoc committee chaired by Jarajila ward representative Mahat Osman is tasked to unearth alleged scandal at county’s trade ministry, where millions of revenue money is believed to have been siphoned off through personal accounts among other transactions.
The committee is expected to submit its findings with punitive recommendations oncoming Tuesday.

The County Secretary contraindicated evident report given by the chief officers Abdullahi Omar and Mohamed Daud in an attempt to the defend embattled CEC. Mursal denied receiving several letters copied to him by the chief officers regarding the swindling of the taxpayers money.

At one time, the county secretary told the committee that Sh 30 million was received in the county accounts but could not substantiated.

The chief officers together with the Urban Services Director Daud Biriye accused the CEC Hajir of working in isolation and where they confirmed that there was no revenue money deposited in the county government accounts.
However, the CS said the county government has a liability of about sh 8.9 million owing from vehicles that were engaged to offer transport, revenue clerks and private printers contracted to print revenue receipts for the department.