Former Kitui Central members of parliament Ngala Mwendwa,Titus Mbathi ,John Mutinda,George Ndoto,suspend land cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu and sitting Member of Parliament Makali Mulu posing for a group photo at Ngala’s home.(file photo)


Members of parliament continues to pile pressure against Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru to step aside and pave way for investigations into endless corruption deals centered on her ministry.

Kitui Central Member of Parliament Makali Mulu has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to crack the whip on the CS.

“Kenyans are concerned with what is going on in the ministry of devolution and the president must ask Ms Anne Waiguru to leave office so that in-depth investigations can be conducted,” he said yesterday.

He said the fact that the CS has admitted that Sh.791 million was lost in National Youth Service supply contracts besides the outrageous misappropriation of public funds in the devolution ministry reported by the media in the past week was reason enough for the president to suspend CS

“The kind of procurement deals within the ministry of devolution that the National Assembly Public Accounts Committee exposed last week is sickening.

“How can someone remain in office when a single pen was purchased for Sh. 8,700 under their watch?” wondered the MP.

According to Mr Mulu, President Kenyatta has in the recent past clearly stated and admitted that corruption in this country starts in his office and trickles down to almost all his ministers.

He blamed the president for failing to address corruption with the seriousness it deserves and for remaining silent even when the deep-rooted vice continues to sink the country.

“Corruption is fast plunging this country into a dark pit and it is high time the president accepted the challenge. He has a cardinal duty and the power to protect Kenya from ‘thieves’,” he maintained.

The MP added that Kenyans are concerned with telltale signs that President Uhuru might be protecting individuals connected with corruption when the law is clear that no citizen should receive special treatment regardless of their position.

“We have seen CSs Charity Ngilu (Lands), Kazungu Kambi (Labour), Michael Kamau (Transport), Davis Chirchir (Energy) and Felx Koskei (Agriculture) suspended for suspected involvement in corrupt deals and so should CS Anne Waiguru,” emphasized the legislator.

He added: “I can’t understand what is so special about Ms Waiguru that makes her untouchable. She should honorably step aside to be investigated if she has nothing to hide. She can resume duty once her name is cleared.”

He expressed discontent in CS Anne Waiguru’s adamance to step aside for independent and thorough investigations, a move he termed as “blatant disrespect to patriotic Kenyans since courtesy demands that everyone must take responsibility for own actions”.

Moreover, the parliamentarian said he supported Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter’s motion to impeach Ms Waiguru and that he will endorse it once it makes it to the National Assembly.

MP Makali Mulu was addressing the press at mutulukuni secondary school where he commissioned a Sh. 1.5 million CDF-funded kitchen-dining hall as part of numerous development projects his office has undertaken to improve the lives of Kitui Central constituents.

He indicated that public funds must be accountably spend on projects that transform the lives of Kenyans but moaned that widespread corruption, especially among top government officers, has impeded national progress.

He urged the national and county governments to enforce prudent expenditure of public funds in order to benefit the taxpayers and improve Kenya’s economy.