Police Constable Titus Ngamau Musila alias Katitu with his lawyer Cliff Ombeta outside a courtroom after the hearing of a case katito is accused of murder.


A police officer charged with murder of two brothers in 2013 at Githurai bus stage has been released on bail.

The officer, Titus Ngamau Musila alias Katitu who is being accused of killing Kenneth Kimani Mwangi was released on a cash bail of Sh1Million or a bond of Sh 500.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko said he will pay Katito bail tomorrow morning.

The court heard that the accused had been in custody for many years awaiting the conclusion of prosecution witness who were under witness protection.

Two years ago, Katitu captured the nation’s attention after residents held protests following his arrest and detention.

His Lawyer Cliff Ombeta made an application for Katitu to be released on bond on the grounds that he has a right to released on bail.

The prosecution did not raise any objection. Justice James Wakiaga said there is no need to deny him bail because all the witnesses who were under witness protection have already testified.

Testifying in the case, a prosecution witness said he identified the deceased by the name Kimani after he found him lying down at the bus stage on April 14, 2013.

“I knew the man by the name Kimani but he was nicknamed ‘Mondo’ and he used to harass people at the stage by forcefully asking for money. In short, he was a thug,” he said.

He added that on the fateful day at around 4pm, he was conducting his normal duties when he heard the gunshots, then a woman screaming for help and that’s when he run to the scene.

The witness said he saw a gang of three men being chased by officers and at that point, he identified Kimani.

According to the witness, Kimani was lying beside one of the buses. After a while, he said the officers arrived at the scene and among them was Kaititu (pictured left).

“I know Katitu because he used to help us fight insecurity within the area,” said the witness. He said Kimani had been arrested many times by the officers.

11 witnesses have already testified. The case will be heard on March 8, 9 and 10.