Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore leaving Milimani law court after testifying in a case which a woman is accused of making a false VISA card purporting it was issued by Barclays Bank of Kenya with intent to defraud at Milimani law court on Thursday February 11, 2016.


Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore testified in a Nairobi magistrate court against a woman alleged to have forged his credit card.

Collymore appeared before Milimani Resident Magistrate Edda Agade where he confirmed that he is the holder of the forged card.

Esther Wanjiku Gichuru alias Alice Wagithi Ciuri is accused of making a false VISA card purporting it was issued by Barclays Bank of Kenya with intent to defraud.

Collymore testified that indeed he is the holder of the said Barclays Bank Credit Card bearing

Number 426399990105 8195 and issue on 09/10.

“I have been working at Safaricom since November 1, 2010 and I normally use the card for international expenses like hotels, local entertainment and meals together with shopping,” said Collymore.

He added that he last used the card on April 20, 2011 at the Sankara Hotel, Westlands and on April 30, 2011, he was called by Barclaycard and asked whether I had used the card for recent purchases at Safaricom shops.

Collymore said they also asked him whether he had attempted to use it at butchery in Hurlingarm.He confirmed that he had not used the card for those purposes.

“Later on May 7, 2011 I was informed by my personal assistant that a suspect had been arrested and I was requested to record my statement,”said Collymore.

Wanjiku is facing another count of uttering a false document contrary to the law.The court heard that she committed the offence on April 28,2011 at Safaricom retail Shop at Nakumatta Mega along Uhuru Highway in Nairobi.

She is said to have uttered a Barclays Bank Visa Card No 42639999 0105 8195 to Francline Shelr, a cashier at the said shop, purporting that the said card was genuine issued by Alice Ciuri.

The accused allegedly purchased a laptop Hp Compaq mode at a Safaricom Shop at Eastleigh Estate on April 28, 2011 using the same forged card.

Wanjiku faced several other counts of obtaining goods contrary to the law, making document without authority and uttering false document in different Safaricom shops/.