New ImageKabete Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu with his lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui outside Milimani law courts.


Kiambu Governor William Kabogo wants more time to produce MP Waititu’s academic certificates.

The is after MP Waititu asked the court to dismiss the governor’s claim saying that he is using forged education papers to smear his name.

The MP holds that Governor Kabogo has relied on a fraudulent, forged document, to wit the COPY of a purported Certificate of Primary Education “Certificate” in the name of one “CLIFFORD NDUN’GU WAITITU” which was forged to purport that MBAGATHI PRIMARY SCHOOL was bearing the examination code 52019 whereas in truth the said Code 52019 belonged to CHEMASANGI PRIMARY SCHOOL, which is located in Bomet County (Saosa Constituency).

The MP has also said that the Auditor General brought out massive unexplained financial haemorrhage at the Kiambu County under the watch of governor Kabogo where plots that were inherited from the defunct local authorities have since been grabbed and totally unaccounted for.

He said that to date, Kabogo has not cleared the matters with the Senate and he has never had a citizens forum for the Kiambu residents to explain the massive loss of funds as evidenced by the Auditor’s Report.

Waititu also contests that the baseless claim is founded on political malice and intended solely to eliminate the serious political competition he poses in the forthcoming 2017 Kiambu County gubernatorial election.

He says that he believes Mr Kabogo set up the case against him to gain political mileage.

“I therefore perceive that the Petitioner is scared stiff of facing off with me at the ballot box in the said forthcoming election, and that he is attempting to employ every conceivable device to ensure that I am locked out from offering Kiambu County constituents the leadership that they have been lacking since 2013 at the gubernatorial level,” he believes.

The MP also said that Kabogo has made personal allegations against him, including his marriage which he said are solely driven to give the allegations publicity and high profile using me as a platform.

He therefore wants the petition by Kabogo dismissed.