French national Frederic Selfried before a Nairobi Court where he failed to plead to charges of obtaining 43,000 US dollars to supply 50kilogram of gold on Monday March 27 ,2017.

A gold dealer has been arraigned before a Nairobi Court.

Businessman Frederic Selfried who is accused on diverse date between 1 and 10 of February at lower Kabete in Westlands Nairobi jointly with other’s not before court , with intent to defraud , conspired to defraud Taskin Battal a sum of 43,000 US dollars (Kshs 4,425,056.9 million) by falsely pretending to be in a position to sell 50kilogram of gold to the said Taskin Battal a fact he knew was false.
The French national is facing a charge of obtaining 19,000 US dollars from businessman Taskin Battal by falsely pretending that he was in position to supply 50kilograms of to the said businessman a fact you knew was false.
The gold dealer is also accused on 1 February at News Sarit Center Westlands in Nairobi jointly with other’s not before court , with intent to defraud , obtained from Taskin Battal 10,000 US dollars by falsely pretending you were in position to supply 50kilogram of gold.
He did not plead to the charges after his defence applied for one week period to enable the negotiations to settle the matter to take place.
The application was allowed after Mr Fredric through his lawyer informed the court he has instructed the money be channelled to Mr Taskin through Real Time Gross Settlement (R.T.G.S).
However the out of court settlement is in regard to count 2-4 which he is accused of obtaining money with false pretence. The learned prosecutor Mr Kandebe told the court count one which is conspiracy is not part of the two parties settlement.
The magistrate on Monday morning decline to differ the plea after prosecution said it was not aware of such settlement.
Magistrate Francis Andayi directed them to appear before the court in the afternoon saying the matter involves complaint and government through prosecution so if both parties are not in agreement the matter cannot be withdrawn.
“I direct the defence to inform the prosecution about the intended settlement and appear before me at 2:30 PM” directed magistrate.
The matter was later differed to Monday next week for further directions.
According to police report, on 10 of February this year, Taskin while in Kenya as investor and businessman met Frederic Selfried who was introduced to him by a Belgium National that Frederic can supply him with 50kilogram of gold worth 1.35million US dollars to which Taskin agreed although at first no written agreement was made.
Taskin on believing Fredric , on 1/2/2017 gave his 10,000 US dollars and later on 6/2/2017 gave 14,0000 US dollars and later on 10/2/2017 Fredric received 19,000 US dollars making a total of 43,000 dollars.
At an early stage Fredric had given Battal(Taskin) 3 pieces of gold sample which Battal together with his friend took to ministry of Mining Machakos road and after paying Kshs 300 the samples are alleged to have been tested and said to be 97.75% with an equivalent to 23.46 % and the samples in the name of Necdal Serim was 97.10% purity equivalent to 23.3 Karnt according to report given by Mr Joram W for who is alleged to be a Director of Geological Surveys on 7/2/2017.
Fredric Selfried on receipt of the above 43,000 dollars from Taskin ,he was asked the whereabouts of the gold by Taskin he informed him the gold was in a certain Wodehouse and held by customs.
On 13/2/2017 a sale agreement was drawn between the two and signed by both parties.
Finally Fredric disappeared without handing over the gold to Mr Taskin. It was later established Mr Fredric was at industrial Area vide Milimani court of 357/17 which a production for plea taking.
 He was released on a cash Bail of Kshs 300,000 pending plea.
proceedings to resume on Monday for further directions.