NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga/FILE PHOTO.
NASA leader Raila Odinga has been accused of violating minors’ privacy by former devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru.
This is in response to accusations that Ms Waiguru was the architect of the Sh791 million loss at National Youth Service, NYS.
Raila on the other hand says that Waiguru has refused to answer his interrogatory questions and must be hiding something.
He says that on April 25 this year, Ms Waiguru served him with insufficient answers.
According to the opposition leader, Waiguru has neglected and or refused to make the necessary discovery facts as per the court order and failure to make such discovery would deny him a fair trial and therefore the plaint should be struck out.
“It is the utmost importance to discover the financial status of the plaintiff when she served as a public servant working for the Government of Kenya from the year 2006 to November 2015 in this suit as it is a foundation to the action here,” Raila says.
Conversely, Ms Waiguru claimed that the information sought by Raila does not relate to the matter in question.
“Information sought is malicious and threatens to unnecessarily violate the privacy of minors who are not party in this suit, “says
The information Raila seeks is irrelevant to this suit, she says.
Raila wants to know the basic salary Waiguru earned form the year 2006 to November 2015 and to specify the types and amount of allowances earned per month.
In addition, he wants to know if Ms Waiguru acquired real estates and if yes, she should give the location, estimates of the estates and when the property was acquired.
Raila also wants to know whether Waiguru traded in Nairobi stock exchange and the value of the shares she traded.
Further the NASA leader wants Waiguru to name her defendants and how much she spent on daily upkeep and to specify the name of any other provider.