Former branch manager for first community bank, Garissa Omar Abdi Hassan arraigned before a Nairobi Court on Friday June 9 ,2017.

Party of National Unity (PNU) gubernatorial candidate Omar Abdi Hassan has been detained for a period 2 days at Kileleshwa police station to allow banking fraud unit complete investigation.

Mr Omar is accused of authorizing withdrawals of 14.8 million shillings from the account of Hussein Abdi Hassan who left the country for Canada in 2012 to study and take care of his mother who had been involved in accident

According to the investigating officer Sanchan Lokadio, on the dates between 23 November 2012 and 6/6/2015 the suspect, Omar Abdi Hassan the former branch manager for first community bank, Garissa branch authorized withdrawals from the account belonging to the Hussein Abdi Hassan.

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Lokadio in his affidavit told the court they have obtained documents which indicate that the former First Community Bank Garissa Branch manager is the person directly involved in the fraudulent withdrawal of 14.8 million shillings. He said investigation into the case is not yet complete and that the suspect will assist them in apprehending some of the perpetrators of the offence.

According to the banking fraud unit the two days will enable them complete investigations over the alleged involvement of Mr. Abdi as well as to arrange for his transportation to Chief Magistrate’s Court Garissa where he is to be charged with the offense.

The suspect was arrested on the 8 June in Garissa county and transported to Nairobi for further investigation after police obtained documents and statements which indicate that he is the person directly involved in the fraudulent withdrawal of Ksh. 14.8 million.