Mr Dennis Gitahi Wanjiru with his lawyer Wokabi Mathenge outside Milimani Law Court after filing a case against Kieni MP Kanini Kega on Wednesday September 27,2017/PHOTO BY S.A.N.



The son of Kieni MP Kanini Kega has filed a case seeking to be recognized by his father.

Mr Dennis Gitahi Wanjiru through his lawyer Wokabi Mathenge, now aged 21yrs has filed the petition at the Milimani law courts saying that before his mother Florence Wanjiru died in 2004, she told him that his father was the legislator.

It is after this that Gitahi made concerted efforts to reach the MP which were futile as he was then a minor.

He said that he has been living with the grandmother who kept informing him that Kanini Kega is his father since she was aware of the existence of the relationship between him and her daughter.

Gitahi has been living with the grandmother at Watuka village in Kieni constituency.

Upon attaining the adult age, he says he made efforts to reach the MP which was facilitated by his grandmother whom Kanini Kega knows very well.

Kanini Kega then informed the boy that he would offer assistance and even assured his grandmother that Gitahi would not be destitute.

Gitahi added that in his former years, his studies were hampered by financial constraints because his mother was just a casual laborer whereas his grandmother was a peasant farmer.

Kanini Kega has been making verbal assurances but nothing has been forthcoming.

In the suit, Gitahi narrates how his high school life was saying that the MP could not issue him with bursary.

He said he has visited Kanini Kega’s office in Mweiga town but his security detail besides his personal staff have made it impossible as they turn him away or repulse him saying the legislator has given instructions that he does not want to have any contact whatsoever with him.

Gitahi wants to be recognized and treated equally like his other children of Kanini Kega.

Mr Dennis Gitahi Wanjiru.
Mr Dennis Gitahi Wanjiru.

His lawyer Wokabi Mathenge said that the MP has abdicated his parental duties since birth and even upon attaining the age of majority, he is disinterested, unwilling and avoiding taking up his fatherly role as well.

Gitahi says  that it is hurting, humiliating and uncalled for since he was sired out of a relationship the MP had and maintained with his mother.

He says that his desire is to promote a cordial relationship with his father.

Proceedings resume.