Susan Nyawira,Wife to the late Kabete M.P George Muchai testifies in a murder case of her late husband who was murdered along Kenyatta avenue in 2015.


Former Kabete Member of ParliamentG eorge Muchai was assassinated, widow narrates ordeal to judge.

Susan Nyawira, the late MP’s wife told trial Judge James Wakiaga that the manner in which her husband, his driver and two armed bodyguards were killed was a well planned execution.

She said that before his death, there were ‘bad’ talks in the country which were published both on print and broadcast about wars in COTU.

This she said was following her late husband’s removal from the organisation which acts she termed aggressive.

In a somber narration, Nyawira recounted how they had been having a good time at Galileo in Westlands, Nairobi but her late husband looked uptight and apprehensive.

The only unusual thing she noticed  was a big crowd that came to exchange greetings with her husband.

She said that her husband had a premonition of his death and was tensed even as he partied with them.

Muchai, his driver and two armed body guards were shot dead in a gangland style execution on Kenyatta Avenue.

“When we left the club we drove in front and he was following us from behind, I could see his car and asked my sister to stop when I noticed they had pulled off near  the Kenyatta Avenue bus stop, I didn’t know why they stopped,” she said.

She said while at GPO she then heard  around five gun shots which were made from a heavy firearm but did not see who killed them.

They then called the late Mp and his driver’s phones but they went unanswered forcing them to make a U-turn towards where the late Mp’s car had stopped earlier only to be confronted by the murder scene.

The court heard that prior to the material day the husband had come from Mombasa on an official meeting and he did not inform her of having difference with any person.

She said that the ‘famous’ brief case has never been recovered after the incident.

During cross examination by defence lawyers Nyawira denied being aware of the anticipated killing of the four since they were going to drop Muchai’s driver in town to pick public means to his home in Huruma estate.

After the shooting she said that she found the driver of her husband having gun shot and one of the bodyguard hanging on the door of the vehicle but the husband was still bleeding and was not dead.

She informed the court that she tried to save her husband’s life but the police declined and directed her to go to Nairobi women Hospital to make some arrangements for him before he was taken there for treatment.

The court heard that Muchai died before he was taken to hospital for treatment.

In the case the accused persons are Margaret Njeri Wachuiri, Raphael Kimani Gachii alias Butchcher Kimani Anyonyi alias Musti , Stephen Asiliva Lipapo alias Chokore Erick Muyera Isabwa alias chairman, Jane Wanjiru Kamau alias Shiro and Simon Wambugu Gichamba.

They have denied murdering the former MP, two of his bodyguards police constables Samuel Kimathi Kalikia, Samuel Lekakeny Matanta and his driver Stephen Ituu Wambugu on the night of February 6 and 7,2015 on Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi.