Garissa Senator Mohamed Yusuf Haji being re-examined before a high court on Thursday January 18,2017/PHOTO BY S. A. N.

Garissa Senator Mohamed Yusuf Haji has rufuted voter bribery allegations.

Mr Haji said he was elected by the people of  Garissa willingly in a free and fair election conducted  in August 8, last year. 
He told the court there was no violence as alleged in the petition and petitioners challenging his election are misleading the court that they were candidates.
Haji told Lady Justice Rose Ougo that the petitioners who alleging they were senatorial candidate were not candidates during the August  8, 2017 General election.
He said there were  only seven candidates who did not include the petitioners.

The  Senator while  being re-examined by his  lawyer, said the petitioners were not Party nominated  or  Independed candidates.

He testified that none of the other six candidates who contested for the  senatorial filed any petition.

The six had agents on the  ground and can only be called  to state who were candidates.

” They are ineligible to lodge the petition is bad in law as its only the candidates allowed by the Constitution  lodge a claim over  any irregularities of the election” he  told the judge.

The  Senator  said that a person who is not  candidate can not lodge a competent election petition to  challenge the outcome of the election result.

He contended that the petition has  drafted and presented is in  clear contravention of the mandatory requirement of rule and procedure of the election Act.

The Senator denied  IEBC officers prolonged time for  voting in his stronghold, no evidence has been tendered to support their allegation.

” The petitioners have very casually assented allegations of  instigation of violence and intimidation of voters no prove has been shown to this  court” he said.

The  court heard that  there was no campaigning by his agents during the voting day, saying the law  does not provide any display of pictures or placards when the election is taking place.

The  Senator  got 45,712 of the total votes caste and and his opponent 41.200 and the result was subsequently gazetted.

The Senator was testifying in the petition where three petitioners, Hussein Issa Abdi, Abdikadir Farah Mohamed and Mohamed Aden Abdi, challenged his victory alleging it was marred with irregularities and violence.