Former Transport Minister Engineer Michael Kamau.


Former Transport Minister Engineer Michael Kamau has filed a contempt of court against DPP, EACC, AG, National Police Service and Nairobi Chief Magistrate Court.

Mr Kamau wants the five government officers be committed to civil jail for 6 months for their disobedience of the order issued by the court of appeal terminating charges leveled against him.

“Summons be issued and are hereby issued to Noordian Haji, Rtd.Archibishop Dr. Eliud Wabukala, Sophia Lepuchirit, Dr. Dabar Abdi Maalim , Micheal Mubea, Joseph Boinett to appear before this court to show cause what they should not be punished for contempt of court,”reads the application.

According to Kamau, the court of appeal terminated the proceedings in Anti-corruption case No 11 of 2016 prohibiting the commencement of any further investigations and prosecutions.

He avers that on 28th July 207, the chief magistrate declined his request for an acquittal of charges leveled against him instead ordered that he be discharged.

“The chief Magistrate decision was based upon an obiter dicta statement in the judgment of the court of appeal, to the effect that the parties are at liberty to proceed as they deem necessary on the basis of a properly constituted EACC and within the dictates of the constitution and the law,”says Kamau.

Engineer Kamau claims that the decision by EACC to raid his home seeking to arrest him and prosecute him over abuse of office charges is an attempt to defeat the outcome of the pending application before the high court.

Similarly he claims that the re-institution of charges and intended prosecution is a blatant disobedience of the court orders issued by the court of appeal. It is Kamau argument that he has no other way of enforcing the order issued on August 2017 by the court of appeal but through contempt proceedings.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) ordered that Eng. Kamau be charged afresh over corruption. According to the DPP’s office, there is new evidence sufficient to convict the former CS whose previous case was dismissed by Court of Appeal.

Kamau is expected to appear in court next Wednesday to answer to abuse of office charges before Anti-Corruption court.