Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) acting Chief Executive Officer Robert Kariuki Mugo who reported the suspicious fraud in ICTA accounts.


High Court has stopped former top directors of Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) from transferring 6.4 million from their bank accounts.

High Court Anti-Corruption Presiding Justice Hedwig Ong’undi barred former Director of Corporate Services Felix Obonsi Ongaga, former acting finance manager Daniel Stephen Ouma , former accountant Peter Mukangu Mwangi and cashier Anthony Nyaga Mwangi from transferring Kshs. 384,402.10 from his account at Standard Chartered bank Kenyatta Avenue in the name of Felix Obonsi Ongaga, Kshs. 289,544.62 account that belong to Daniel Stephen Ouma at Co-operative Bank upper Hill branch and Kshs. 190.861.22 in his account at Family Bank, two account for Peter Mukangu Mwangi Kshs. 4,828,241,60 held at equity bank and Kshs. 32,392,51 and Kshs. 763,294,49 for Anthony Nyaga Mwangi from Equity mama Ngina branch.

This after The Assets Recovery Agency filed a certificate of urgency seeking to block the four from transferring the amount in question from their accounts pending a joint investigations by the Agency and Director of Criminal Investigation.

According to affidavit by the investigating officer Isaac Nakitare, the investigation were lodged after after ICTA acting Chief Executive Officer Robert Kariuki Mugo suspect the fraud and theft of Kshs. 74,281,498,10 from ICTA bank accounts by the four employees
The said fraud from ICTA bank accounts is said to have started in the year 2016 where there was suspicious transactions of total of Kshs. 29,040,011 from ICTA Bank account.

Investigations has established that between 24 January to 6 of July, 2017, Felix Obonsi Ongaga and Daniel Stephen Ouma unlawfully authorized payments of 155.838,193,00 million from ICTA bank at Citi Bank funds which were withdrawn by Peter Mukangu Mwangi and Anthony Nyaga Mwangi and some of the funds were transferred to the respondents bank accounts.

The said investigations traced funds amounting to 6.4 million held in various bank accounts in the names of the four which were stolen from ICTA.

According to court documents seen by NairobiTimez, investigations has revealed a clear case of fraud, theft and money laundering of public funds with intent of concealing and disguising the source of funds.

The acting CEO reported the fraud to Asset Recovery agency who together with dci commenced the investigations.

Investigating officer had obtained court orders from Chief Magistrate Court under miscellaneous Criminal application authorizing to investigate the four bank accounts and freeze any funds in the said accounts.