Businessman Bryan Yongo outside a courtroom after High court deputy registrar directed she will give directions on Monday over the Matter. 


Businessman Brian Yongo has denied the allegations by Politician Cyrus Jirongo that he has made any damaging remarks in the case where.

Appearing before Deputy Registrar Elizabeth Tanui of Milimani Commercial, Yongo said that he has not cast any insinuations in the case.

“I am referring to the letter dated November 9,2018 and I have not cast any unnecessary advances in this matter,” said Yongo.

He sought an intervention by Maraga in the matter and urged him to urgently investigate the allegations that the Deputy Registrar is pressurized over this case.

He said that the complaints are directly linked to the complainants because it means the court is not acting Independently.

High Court will on Monday rule on the complaints letter lodged by businessman Bryan Yongo against Deputy Registrar.

This is after Lugari former Member of Parliament Cyrus Jirongo through his lawyer said the court needed to address on the serious allegations made by the businessman against the Deputy Registrar Elizabeth Tanui and Jirongo’s wife.

“The allegations of interference are serious and not allegations to be taken lightly” said the lawyer.

Yongo is his letter accusing Jirongo’s wife who is a state counsel of pressuring the DR to help her husband.

“The letter is a complain to DR and it is against the court specifically accuses a state counsel of putting pressure on this court and that pressure is linked directly to the complaints. It means court is not acting independently,” said Jirongo’s lawyer.

Jirongo said that allegations of interference are serious and not allegations to be taken lightly.

The lawyer further said the conditions imposed on his client were heavy and allegations made by the businessman are out to intimidate the court.

Yongo in his response said the DR has no jurisdiction to hear the allegations as the letter is addressed to the Chief Justice and Judicial Service Commission and it is not subject to proceedings before court.

“This application is frivolous and lacks merits. The letter is not subject to these proceedings and this court has no jurisdiction to determine the issue raised on the letter”. submitted Yongo.

On Friday, Yongo accused judiciary registrar over alleged mishandling of civil dispute between him and former Lugari legislator.

Mr Yongo wrote a letter to Supreme Court President David Maraga complaining on the conduct of High court Deputy Registrar Elizabeth Tanui.

The businessman wants the CJ to investigate the Tanui over allegations of being compromised by Jirongo’s wife who is senior state counsel. Anne Pertet Jirongo is said to be a prosecutor in Court four high court criminal division at Milimani Law Courts as per the letter.

“I seek your intervention in this matter and urge that you urgently investigate the matter raised herein as they are grave and if the said deputy registrar is pressurized over this matter she should simply rescue herself instead of this game ping pong which call’s for supervision of justice”. Said Yongo in the letter.

In his letter Yongo raised concerns on why the deputy registrar is always absence wherever the Sh 20 million debt case against former legislator Cyrus Jirongo is coming up for mention or hearing.

“It cannot be by dint of coincidence that deputy registrar on four occasions when the matter is listed has always has an emergency or is out for a meeting. Am reliably informed that Mrs Jirongo who is a prosecutor in court four at Milimini Law court has  been putting pressure on the said deputy registrar to assist the husband into this matter”. said Yongo.