Meru Senator wife MaryAnne Kittany testifying before a Nairobi Court in a case she is seeking a divorce from Linturi on Wednesday September 4,2019/PHOTO BY S.A.N.


Estranged wife of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, Marianne Kitany has told a Nairobi court that the land where their Runda home sits was bought with money from her mother property.

Kitany told Chief Magistrate Peter Gesora that the land was bought at Sh38.7 million using Atticon Company.

“This company Atticon resources came from a facility that had been taken from family bank using properties and titles from my mother”, added Kittany.

While responding a question from Lawyer Danstan Omari, She said the property was sold by Kings Commodities company which was paid 38.700 million.

“The land in Runda was bought through company monies and those company monies had been acquired through a facility taken to the bank with titles belonging to my parents”, said Kittany.

She urged the court to grant her divorce from Mithika Linturi who she said they married in 2016 under Nandi customary law.

Kittany told the court that she was married under Nandi customary law and not Meru customary law.

At the same time, the two agreed to bar media from livestreaming the proceedings. However, the two said the media can cover the case as it unravels.

Linturi’s lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu said that this was the decision of the parties adding that anyone aggrieved should direct their anger to them and not the court.

Gesora adopted the consensus and allowed the media to continue covering the proceedings without streaming it live.

“Hearing a divorce matter in the media may unsettle some people but that is the digital era,” lawyer Danstan Omari representing Kitany said.

This was after the re-examination of Kitany who has finished testifying.

Kitany told the court that Linturi’ family, including his parents, siblings, cousins, among others did not attend their marriage ceremony.

However she responded by saying that she was married under the Nandi customary law and it is not a requirements for relatives to attend.

She told the court that she got the money to build the two houses in Meru from money she had been saving over the years.

“By the time I was done with my first degree I had already made millions and before leaving the the office of the Deputy President where I was employed in 2013, I had a substantial amount of money,” she testified.

She also refuted claims that she lured the Senator to Sapa Lodge in 2014 to have some good time in order to make sure he was not present in Parliament during the motion to oust Waiguru.

“We went as two consensual adults. Willing seller willing buyer situation if I may put it,” Kitany said sarcastically.

Linturi’s lawyers Prof George Wajackoya and Muthomi objected Kitany answering questions she had refused to answer during cross-exanimation.

At some point, prof Wajackoya applied Kitany to be taken for psychiatrist examination and be subjected to a lie defector test.

However the Magistrate ruled that it has not gotten to that point since the court has not noted any reaction or behavior to warrant such drastic measures.

She told the court that she does not suffer from any health of mental condition.

Kitany said that she agreed to be married as a fourth wife to Linturi because of love and trust.

Further hearing will be on September 24 when the second witness after Kittany will be testifying.