A group of Kenyans who sued the Health Ministry over restrictions imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19 last year have accused CS Mutahi Kagwe of deliberately concealing material that would have assisted citizens make informed choices about the pandemic.

Winfred Achieng’, Enock Aura, Eliud Matindi and lobby groups Kituo Cha Sheria and Kenya Human Rights Commission among others say Kagwe was economical with the truth in dealing Covid-19, especially on vaccines.

For that matter, the petitioners want the High Court to rule that Kagwe is not suitable to hold public office.

Aura says in an affidavit that he accessed the Ministry of Health web page in order to see the “answers” given to those Kenyans able to access online information and he was stunned at the shear lack of data to justify Covid-19 vaccines.

He said he also visited the website of the pharmacy and poisons board at the online given directory but there was no such web page but a phantom location with no page.

“I believe that this is misleading information constituting dishonesty in public office and an act of deliberate concealment of vital information envisaged under article 46(1) (c) of the constitution of Kenya, precipitating actionable lack of information perpetrated by the CS health and his ministry,” he said.

In a replying affidavit through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui, the petitioners argue that CS Kagwe has breached the mandate and has not acted in the best interest of the people of Kenyas in regard to the span of “Covid-19 policies or “measures “.

“Given the radical “measures” put in place by the ministry of health and the government as a whole in respect of Covid-19, which measures implicates the exercise and enjoyment of my constitutional rights (and Kenyans at large) I am persuaded that part of the ministry’s accountability and responsibility, I have elucidated above to myself and all Kenyans in respect of “Covid-19” or even “Covid-19 vaccines ” are inter-alia answers to these broad raised questions,” says Aura.

Through lawyer Kinyanjui, he says that the ministry of health never explained this to Kenyans at any time (in contradistinction to the fear-mongering press release that were broadcasted on national media houses at taxpayers’ expense). He can recall the cause, the score of occurrence or characteristics of “Covid-19” waves that just as suddenly appeared and disappeared in Kenya.

The lawyer said it is clear from the content of the ministry document that the CS and his ministry openly pursued grossly unconstitutional, edicts and he produced a copy of the said document. 

He argues that he perused the said document and did not see any disclaimer of the ministry of health having at any given time he formed a Kenyan allegedly giving their medical information that it was being captured and stored on platforms availed, provided or in the exclusive control of foreign NGOs or Organizations.

“I believe that one cannot comprehend or fathom the contravened into “necessarily” of the “Covid-19” vaccines without internalising the scope of the contents of the document titled “Electronic Community Health Information system (eCHIS) 2020 Landscape Assessment Report,” and it is clear to me that the said alleged “vaccines ” are nothing but a core part and parcel of the eHealth system whose core objects is to transform the gamut of Kenyan into LIVING, ELECTRONIC nano transmitting organs with injected nano transmitters disguised as a “vaccine”, “Aura said.