Supreme Court Judges led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Justice Isaac Lenaola, William Ouko, Njoki Ndung'u and Smoking Wanjala.


The Judiciary has warned against sustained attacks on the Supreme Court over its last week decision upholding president elect William Ruto August 9 election victory.

The Judiciary told those sponsoring and executing the attacks on social to disparage the court are advised to desist forthwith.

In a statement released through Judiciary Directorate of Public affairs, Judiciary said supreme court is working in harmony as a cohesive unit.

The statement comes hours after Siaya Governor James Orengo dismissed the judgement over the language used in the decision.

The veteran lawyer said it was a shame that the judges decided to use harsh language against the losing parties.

“… not even a baraza presided by a chief would use the kind of language that was used by the Supreme Court. Shame to you judges,” he said.

Busia Senator Okiyah Omtatah also faulted the Supreme Court for using uncalled language in their judgement.

“I think the language was uncalled for using words like foolish, whatever and what have you was uncalled for but I think it points to the authorship of one judge who has a habit of using that kind of language and its really unfortunate for him, it’s a male not a female one of the men Judges.” said Omtatah.

Omtatah attacked unnamed Supreme Court Judge claiming the said judge likes to use uncalled language but declined to mention him.

“I would ask him personally that he shapes up or pull out because we cannot contain such kind of language in the judiciary, and it points to the fact that he was compromised like he was trying to impress somebody else, so by dismissing it was enough insults were not called for,” said Omtatah.

Omtatah added that it’s not acceptable alleging that the said was trying to impress a third party.

“It’s not acceptable but for me it points to a fact that the judge who wrote that thing was trying to impress a third party, and the party that he was trying to impress was the side that won so that he can go back and tell them that *unaona vile niliwakanyaga* he’s not one of the women he is a man and that language he has to keep away from it.” Omtatah said.

The Supreme Court reiterated it’s exclusive jurisdiction as established under Article 163(1) of the constitution to hear and determine disputes relating to the elections to the office of President. “The court therefore only done its work pursuant to the provisions of the constitution,” the statement said.

Further there has been an unfortunate trend of isolating individual judges and attributing the judgement to them.

” The court has seven judges who are independent and highly respectful of each other as equals and a ‘unanimous’ judgement is a collective decision made by the court and not by an individual,” said judiciary.

It was further noted that the court is yet to render its reasoned judgement which will outline the basis on which election of the President-elect was upheld and there is a legal provisions of 21 days following the reading of the short version of the judgement to do so.

Kenyans has been requested to exercise patience as they await the full judgement which will shed lights and provide clarity on the grounds and rationale of the court.

Immediate former Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi added his voice urging the legal profession to stand in solitary with the Supreme Court and fight off the attacks.

“If anyone has a complaint against one or more judges, forward the same to the Judicial Service Commission,” he said.