Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji who has been elected the President of the Eastern Africa Association of Prosecutors (EAAP).

Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji has been elected the President of the Eastern Africa Association of Prosecutors (EAAP).

Haji was elected during EAC Prosecutors 10th AGM and Annual Conference in Kampala, Uganda. 

While welcoming his election, Haji said he will advance innovative strategies to tackle transnational organized crime, enhance Regional and International cooperation and collaboration in the prosecution of transnational organized crimes such as terrorism, corruption cybercrime and human trafficking among others.

“I am deeply honoured to stand before you today as the newly elected President of the Eastern Africa Association of Prosecutors. My heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for placing your trust in me and giving me this incredible opportunity to steer the Association towards realising our common vision of “enhanced regional cooperation in preventing and combating Transnational Organized crime,” said Haji after being elected.

Haji thanked the out-going administration under the stewardship of Tanzania’s DPP Sylvester Mwakitalu.

“Your administration re-invigorated our efforts in the execution of our objectives, bolstering cooperation not only in East Africa, but also in both Southern and Central Africa respectively.  It is therefore my hope that we will build on your legacy,” added Haji.

The Kenya’s chief prosecutor said that the unique opportunity given to him to serve as the President of the Association is a responsibility he will duly undertake to ensure that the objectives of the Association are met.

“As the EAAP exponentially grows, I affirm my commitment to strengthening regional cooperation through the following initiatives,” said Haji.

Haji pointed out that it is critical to strengthen the association membership as he proposed to open up the Association to individual prosecutors across the region.

He said the prosecutors will be subject to registration as individual members and nominal payments that will be used to strengthen association financial independence.

Haji further said that through organised membership, they shall strive to enhance capacity building through quarterly joint trainings in thematic areas. (Use this as an opportunity to talk about PTI and the opportunity it presents to the association).

“Let us integrate rapid advancements in technology within our operations. As the world around us continues to change as a result of these advancements, so must we. Through digitisation we can streamline our processes and procedures as a region as well as improve communication amongst ourselves,” he added.

He recognized efforts in effective cooperation are significantly hampered by our differing legislative structures.

“It is therefore high time for us as criminal justice practitioners to explore avenues that will allow for hybrid legislative systems that will support our efforts. I firmly believe that this approach, however novel, will represent a significant step towards stamping our mark as a regional association,” he added.

He called for the call for robust information sharing networks and pledged to engage member states and partners towards realising this platform.

“As we integrate our efforts as National Prosecution Authorities, I believe that we must undertake joint capacity building and training exercises with a view of ensuring uniform development across our respective jurisdictions,” Haji added.

He said that his election was acknowledgement of the important place, which Kenya occupies in the criminal justice arena in Africa.  

“The ODPP expresses its gratitude to the members of the EAAP and pledges to strengthen regional cooperation in Prosecution of transnational organized crimes,” said Haji.

Other elected officials include, DRC and Rwanda will serve as joint Vice Presidents, Tanzania as Treasurer, Uganda as Secretary General, while Mozambique will serve as General Counsel.