Kenya Pipeline employees Reuben Andolo Aseneka ,Joseph Mugua Mwai and Mutai Micah before Kisumu Court where they denied charges./PHOTO COURTESY OF ODPP.


Two former employees of Kenya Pipeline Company and a driver have been charged with conspiracy to steal oil worth Sh 2.4 million from the state corporation.

Reuben Andolo Aseneka, Joseph Mbugua Mwai and Mutai Micah appeared before Kisumu chief magistrate D. Onyango and denied the charges.

The charge sheet stated that the three conspired to steal 13,852 litres of Motor Spirit Premium (MSP), loaded on a tanker.

The oil was valued at Sh2,431.178 and belonged to OMC but was in the custody of KPC.

It is alleged that they committed the offence on September 8, 2022 at KPC’s terminal in Kisumu, with others not before court.

Aseneka and Mutai were separately charged with interfered with fuel facs and acculoads by illegally changing meter factor.

The court heard that without lawful excuse, the duo interfered with fuel facs and acculoads by illegally changing meter factor from 0.99532 to 0.65806 leading to the excess loading of 13,852 litres of Motor Spirit Premium (MSP) onto the road tanker Reg. No. KBJ 546D/ZD 1473.

It was further alleged that being a principal technician, Electrical Section at the Nairobi terminal, Mutai illegally and remotely gained unauthorized access to the fuel facs systems of the instrumentation and control section, computer system for KPC Kisumu terminal and made unauthorized change of meter factor.

The move according to the prosecution led to the excess loading of 13,852 litres of MSP onto the said load tanker valued Sh. 2,431,178/=, the property of Oil OMC which pa custody of KPC.

The prosecution led by Senior Assistant DPP Catherine Mwaniki, Patrick Okango and Shitsama Lighami their release on bond, arguing that the offence the trio committed was economic sabotage, a serious crime.

The magistrate, however, in his ruling said the right to bond, although not absolute, is a right accorded to all accused persons.

The court ordered them released on a bond of Sh 500,000 and a surety of a similar amount each.

The case will be mentioned on October 3 for pre-trial.