Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale outside Milimani Law court building during the presser./PHOTO BY S.A.N.


Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale has given Cleophas Shimanyula alias Toto 48 hours to apologise for Defamation and using abusive language towards his two wives.

Toto, in a viral video recording that circulated on social media accused Khalwale of killing his employee the late Kizito Moi Amukune .

It is alleged that Toto made accusations of Khalwale killing his employee the Late Amukune in fury of the deceased allegedly having an affair with his wife.

In reference to the letter addressed to Toto, he had contested against the postpartum results that were given by the Kakamega County Pathologist, Dr Dickson Muchama which prompted the police to stop releasing the body for burial processing and ordered another postmortem to be conducted.

“The Police interrupted the final rights of the deceased the Late Kizito Moi Amukune in response to a report allegedly made by Toto where he casted aspersions on the findings made by the pathologist and intimated that the findings were a cover up as he believed that Khalwale had caused the death of the late by stubbing him with a knife after he suspected him of having an affair with one of his wives,” stated the letter.

According to Khalwale’s Lawyer Danstan Omari however, the late Amukune whose remains were discovered on the 28th January 2024 at the Senator’s cow shed lying in a pool of blood and mud, served as the Senator’s employee for approximately two decades with dedication.

Omari said that Amukune was taking care of Khalwale’s bull by the name Anasio that was being trained to fight in keeping up with the Luhya Societal Customs and the Senator’s status as a Bull Fighter.

He added that the discovery of the remains of the Late were revealed by his workmate Geoffrey at the farm who had been concerned about his absence from duty and the unusual lack of his presence from without any prior excuse.

Upon getting the information from Geoffrey, Khalwale informed his area Officer Commanding Station who responded with an immediate effect in the company of 8 other police officers as well as the Malinya Deputy Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer who examined the scene and took photographs.

Omari revealed that a postmortem was redone as per the request of Toto by the Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor in presence of Dr Muchama,Toto’s private Pathologist Dr James Ahonya and the deceased family members.

” On the 3rd February 2024 the Chief Government Pathologist Dr.Johansen Oduor performed another postmortem procedure in the presence of Dr.Dickson Muchama, Dr.James Ahonya (your representative), our client, Mr. Fredrick Ashionu Muhanji and MrMorris Utanga Amukune and arrived at the similar finding as was made by Dr. Muchama, that the deceased died out of excessive bleeding caused by multiple injuries due to an attack by the bull,” said Omari.

Toto had further insinuated on social media that some of Khalwale’s children were sired by the deceased with his wife who stays at home and that he(Khalwale) should be courageous enough to subject the children to a DNA test.

The social media post made by Toto reads follows, ” Khalwale jana amekuwa kwenye media na mtandao anasema kwamba ngombe iligonga mfanyakazi wake, na ripoti ambayo tunaipata na inatuhuzunisha sana, Khalwale ndiye aliua mfanyakazi wake mwenyewe. Na kitu nashanga sababu ya polisi walikuja pale,yeye mwenyewe alikuja na akaosha hiyo mwili.Na sisi kitu tunashindwa ni kwamba tumepata ripoti ambayo tumepata na hatujapata ukweli wake..Tunaomba polisi kama inawezekana Khalwale awekwe ndani ashtakiwe na murder. Yeye inasemekana kwamba mke wa Khalwale yule anakaa nyumbani alikuwa mpenzi wa huyo mfanyikazi wake. So, Khalwale akaamua kwa hasira akaweza kumuua huyo jamaa,na kumuua alivyo muua mwenyewe akakuja tena akamuosha na kusema kwamba ngombe imemgonga huyo jamaa.Sisi wenyewe tumechukua juhudi yetu tumekwenda pale kuhakikisha hiyo mwili na mimi kama Toto huyo jamaa hata kama sijasomea kazi ya post mortem alidungwa visu. Na hiyo sio pembe ya ngombe. Khalwale alichukua hiyo ngombe kama sacrifice kusema kwamba adanganyie ngombe…..”

The Senator says all this is to defame him and his family and therefore demands an apology within 48 hours as well as a compensation of Sh 200Million for damaging his reputation and causing him emotional torture.

He further demands that his wives are given a compensation of Sh 300 million in total for abusing and drugging them into this mess failure to which Omari is to file a Lawsuit against Toto.