Director of click club Jackson Maina Wangui and his bouncer Joseph Kirero Sepi and his other co-accused accused of the murder of kevin Onyango on May7,2012 at Milimani law court during hearing of the case..


A pathologist has confirmed a customer who was killed at Click Club in Nairobi succumbed to death has result of gun shot.

Dr Eunice Njue said  after examination of the  body of  Kevin  Onyango which occurred at the Club  relocated along Baricho road, there were no injuries on his  body save for  an entry  wound that was in left side of the  head

“The post mortem procedures were   are explained and described well in the report, “said Njue.

“There were multiple skull fracture lines but further examination of the body did not indicate any other abnormal features as a result of this examination,” court heard

.She said from the examination an opinion has been formed that the cause of death was due to the gun shot.

The director of the Club Jackson Maina is being accused together with his bouncer Joseph Kirero Sepi of murder of Onyango on May7, 2012.

The pathologist told Justice Jessie Lessit if there was other wound elsewhere in body she could have given a different opinion as to the cause of death

The two suspects have since denied the offence of murder

Corporal Edward Kamau who also testified he arrived at the scene and found out that there was a scuffle between the deceased and the accused

“The scuffle started in the third floor before deceased was taken to the fourth floor, I did not collect the blood samples of the deceased because I left that to the Police Investigators,” said Kamau.

He testified that the people within the club were not aware of what was going on in club that day.

The Corporal told the trial judge that when director of the club came to the police station he had a gun with him

Kamau confirmed that the second accused was an employee of the club as a security officer who was not armed at the time..

Andrew Onyango Otieno the father of the deceased said  Onyango was his third born son who used to visit Click Club often to take some beers.

“Onyango was residing at satellite estate at his house but not far from my place and I was working with him as my salesperson at my limited Company, “said the father of deceased

He said his son did not report to work as he was supposed to on May 5, 2012 but after inquiry he was informed that he was with his other brother Ochieng Onyango at a Berber shop within the area.

The court heard he went to that shop and found the deceased with his fiancée on May 5, 2012.

He added that to his surprise his son did not report to work on May 7 and that is where he started looking for him.

The father said that he sent his younger brother Brian Juma to go and check for his brother at his house.

Juma come with the report that the fiancee was there but his brother was missing. The witness said he thought that his son had been arrested.