Council of Governors lawyer Peter Wanyama leaving Milimani law courts after high court suspended an order stopping the operalization of the Kiambu County Finance Act 2015.

High court has suspended an order stopping the operalization of the Kiambu County Finance Act 2015.

The County is snow free to collect taxes from the local residents to enable it render services.
Justice George Odunga lifted the order he had earlier given in an application by Jamofastar Welfare Association, stopping coming to effect the new finance Act l 2015.

The judge was informed by the County lawyer Peter Wenyama, that members of the Welfare Association withheld material facts when they sought to stop the finance Act.

“There was completely non- disclosure of material facts by the Members of the association about the new finance Act 2015″ lawyer Wanyama said.

Mr Wenyama, told the court that County government can’t collect any revenue for services provisions to its residents, due to the halting order.

He said that Jamofastar intentionally mislead te court through non- disclosure in order to obtain stay of the operation of the finance Act.

” It untrue that Kiambu residents were not informed of the existence of finance Act, saying that there was an advert in local daily carrying the same message” he said.

The advert, he said was to solicit views from members of the public for the inclusion in the Finance Bill and the same message was posted at County’s website.

Mr Wenyama submitted that the same applicant the Jamofastar Association also send their memorandum expressing their views.
He told the judge that the consultation was done the sub county level, saying the 2013 and 2015 Finance Bill are totally unrelated.

The court heard that each Finance Act lapses at end of the respective year and can’t be used to levy taxes in the subsequent year.

The court directed the matter ne heard in January 19.

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