Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has moved to the court seeking orders to compel CS Infrastructure and Transport and Kenya National Highway Authority be compelled to remove bumps and rubbles strips along Thika road.

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has opposed a bid by Nairobi Governor Evans KIdero seeking to be removed from a suit in which he’s sued by the senator for allegedly making defamatory statements that linked him with drug peddling.

Sonko through his lawyer Danson Mungata opposed Kidero application saying the governor was attempting to escape liability through technicalities.

“Nairobi governor Evans Kidero is attempting to escape liability through technicalities yet he uttered the offensive words linking Senator Sonko to drugs using his ambulances” Said Lawyer Mungatana.

Kidero through Prof Tom Ojienda made an application before Justice Njuguna seeking to be removed from the proceedings claiming that the star newspaper misquoted him.

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko moved to court and sued Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and the Star Newspaper for allegedly making defamatory statements against him depicting him as a drug peddler.

Justice Njuguna said that he will deliver aruling will be on 3rd March 2016.

Prior to the filing of the suit, the senator had given governor Kidero seven days to tender apology over statements he made at public gathering in June 22.2015.

Sonko says that the governor has engaged in smear campaign against him by issuing defamatory statements, which are considered to be scandalous and malicious.

The governor was quoted saying that the senator is a drug peddler who is using his ambulances and hearses to supply drugs to the slums, which allegation have continued to disparage his reputation and has caused him to be shunned by friends.

Sonko runs a rescue team operating under name “Sonko Rescue Team” meant to assist the needy in the society and manage disaster in times of crisis, saying that associating him with crime is unethical.
The allegations by the governor have a far reaching detrimental effect on the senator, who is a public officer.

The senator through his lawyer Danson Mungatana, says that his charitable organization has started incurring huge loses as some of contracts for provision of services to the poor have been cancelled.

The lawyer will be asking the court to issue injunction the governor to desist from making similar utterances against the senator.

The governor is said to have uttered the defamatory statements while addressing a public gathering in Mathare area Nairobi County on June 22 and same was published in the Star newspaper.

The article was carried with headline” Kidero says Sonko is a drug peddler”.

Kidero to know the fate of his application on 3of March 2016.