Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino


Embakasi East MP Babu Owino beat his rival from the ruling jubilee party fair and square, a report shows.

This is following an order by the high court to recount the constituency votes and file a report on the same.

The deputy registrar of the high court filed the report which indicate Babu Owino dusting his opponent on the face with over 4000 votes.

Justice Joseph Sergon.

According to the report filed in court, after the recount of Embakasi East Member of Parliament –Babu Owino got 46,817 votes against the petitioner Francis Mureithi who had 42,501 votes.

The report also revealed that both parties added some votes after the recount was done.

According to the report, the scrutiny and recount exercise was by and large a success, except for regrettable incidents where one of the deputy registrar’s phone was stolen.

“The registrars are however positive that the data collected and the report presented before the trail court will be helpful in the determination of the election petition,” the report concludes.

Parties in the case are expected to make their oral submissions this Wednesday before a verdict is delivered on Friday.

Justice Joseph Sergon made the order following a petition filed by Francis Mureithi challenging the election of Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino as MP.

Justice Sergon said that he was satisfied that Mureithi had given sufficient reasons to warrant a recount.

While making his findings, the judge pointed out that the Embakasi East returning officer Nicholas Butuk had admitted in Court that the results he announced did not tally with the ones in the Form 35A and that were many errors in the forms.

Mureithi, represented by lawyer Ham Lagat and Kiragu Kimani, had filed an application for scrutiny and recount of votes cast during last year’s election.


Justice Sergon said he will deliver judgement on Friday.