Father of Former Garissa Finance Executive Officer Dr Aden Muktar Bare with lawyer Lynn Owano speaking to journalists outside Milimani Law Courts after filing petition challenging the academic papers of Governor Ali Korane on Wednesday November 7,2018.


Father of Former Garissa Finance Executive Officer has filed a petition before the High Court challenging the academic papers of Governor Ali Korane.

Dr Aden Muktar Bare, the father of Idriss Aden Mukhtar, who was shot on August 19, said his son was in the process of filing the case before the shooting. Mr Mukhtar has since been flown to India where he is still in a comma.

In the petition, Dr Bare through lawyer Lynn Owano of Kanyama advocate wants the court to declare the seat vacant arguing that Garissa Governor presented fake academic papers, thereby breaching the constitution.

Dr Bare said in the petition that Governor Korane breached the violated the Leadership and Integrity Act by filing and presenting certificates yet he does not possess the same.

He said a few months after last year’s General Election and after the Governor assumed office questions began to emerge as to the authenticity of his Masters of Business Administration degree certificate.

“”Few months after the general elections and after the governor assumed office questions began to emerge as to the authenticity of the aforementioned MBA degree certificate. In a bid to confirm the authenticity or otherwise of the said MBA degree certificate one Mr Feisal Hassan Mohamud wrote the Registrar of Academic affairs at the University of Nairobi through his lawyers Musyoka Murambi & Associate Advocates on 26th January 2018” said Dr Aden.

He said on January 30, the University through the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor replied allegedly saying Governor Korane did not a graduate with a Masters in Business Administration. The University allegedly disowned the certificate.

He claimed while trying to get the true picture of the Governor’s academic qualifications for purposes of filing this petition, his son Idriss was shot in the head in a bitched assassination attempt on the night of 19th August.

“During the course of investigations into the attempted assassination, which are still ongoing, it emerged that the respondent is a person of interest and the issue of is academic qualifications is also in question and has been investigated by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations” said Dr Aden in the affidavit.

He further claimed the governor through various media platforms has distanced himself from the issue of the invalid MBA degree certificate.

He said that he was reliably informed by the team of investigating the assassination of his son that once the issue of the renounced MBA degree certificate came to light, the governor unsuccessfully attempted to swap the invalid MBA degree with unauthentical foreign degrees namely Undergraduate Degree in International studies and Diplomacy allegedly from Georgia Washington University, Washington, USA (year unspecified) and Master of Science degree in police leadership and management allegedly from Leicester University (1995).

He said the attempted murder of his son was planned to silence him against pursuing the matter.

Mr Mukhtar, a former Garissa County executive, was shot at White Star restaurant along Kandara Road in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.