Senator Moses Wetangula with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.
Let us be candid. Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has been fooled outrightly and he still thinks the game is not over when the game is already over.
Allow me to remind you of a phrase that has had Kamba tunes since 2016 and which many may have forgotten or just dismissed as Kalonzo theatrics just like Raila has.
“I will not be a flower girl again. Because I gave my support to Raila in 2013, let him give me his support in 2017 so that I can remove this jubilee government,” this remains as the dying wish of Kalonzo Musyoka’s from his own tongue.
Like the Stephen of the good book, our own Steve should not mind the stoning but make a faithful prayer saying “Lord, do not charge them with this sin.”
Kalonzo’s unrealistic chants that he wants to be the President of Kenya must have woken the wrong gods of Cord and he had to be silenced.
Beginning of this year, January 11, I questioned on why Mudavadi’s Card was so important to Raila when all he was bringing in was just over 400, 000 votes. The piece was dubbed ‘Raila should part ways with political baggage.’
Now, to end Kalonzo’s perennial noise, Cord where Raila and Kalonzo had signed a pact must be dissolved.
A committee was formed with the ‘faded’ minds of Kalonzo’s luminaries, Raila’s astute, Wetangula and Mudavadi clever.
The battle lines were drawn, what was to be achieved was already in existent. Kalonzo embraced an alleged new born but which baby already had teeth and was walking- NASA.
The death of Cord was announced and Kalonzo attended its burial without knowing his bid has been buried with the remains of Cord.
Dissolution of Cord means that the agreement between Kalonzo and Raila is non-existent.
Recognition of NASA, cements the death reality of the agreement. So in essence, Kalonzo being part of the brigade that nullified Cord cannot claim a right to vie as a second to Raila because NASA is barely 2 months old. NASA has not gone for any election. Same monkeys playing in different trees.
So it will turn out that his demands now can only be addressed in the new outfit if they agree or disagree with his terms.
Kalonzo will remain a flower girl until he decides his political future. I am compelled to affirm the name watermelon but allow me to give Steve some more advice.
There comes a time when the country is more important than an individual, the late Minister Prof George Saitoti said.
In his words, Prof Saitoti meant that before this time when the country is more important than individuals, individuals first are important to a country. So both are equally important- the country and the individual.
Looking at this statement on a political point of view and not security point, Kalonzo should dust himself make a resolute decision of where he wants to take his Kamba people politically.
It is dishonorable for Kalonzo to close his eyes and watch his close allies leave for jubilee. Am even constrained to believe that this is what may have pushed some of his backyard leaders to work with the jubilee government.
If not careful, Kalonzo will lose his kingship to Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua. Maendeleo chap chap is not a joke as you may be made to think.
Kalonzo can decide to put his name on the ballot. Will he make the third force that is feared to be tsunami-like? The benefit of this is that after August elections, Kalonzo can forge alliance with the party or coalition that will be in power as an equal.
Be a gentleman for once; let not the spat on Kambas by late minister John Michuki stand, you know it, I too knows, even people know it.